Congratulations to Valerie and Jeff, JDate’s newest Times Square billboard couple!

cont-mt-valerie-jeff-01Over 9,000 JDaters voted and picked Valerie and Jeff as the next couple to be featured on our Times Square billboard.

Valerie’s adventure began when her mother and her best friend, having enjoyed several successful dates through JDate, ganged up on her.

After living in New York City for years without having met the “nice Jewish boy” she had always wished she would, Valerie caved and agreed to give it a try. She had an old laptop on which graphics seemed to have a mind of their own, so she could seldom see the photos of men who responded to her profile. But Jeff’s email caught her attention and, after playing a little phone tag, they agreed to meet for a drink. Valerie still had no idea what Jeff looked like, so she asked her mother to check his JDate profile with her own computer. The report came back that Jeff was “good looking, clean-cut with a blue button-down shirt on.”

Trusting her mother’s opinion, Valerie ventured out one Friday night (March 15, 2002) to meet her future husband for a drink. Jeff was the first man she had met in person via JDate. That drink lasted for hours. They laughed and talked and laughed some more. The couple learned that they had even lived on the very same street at the very same time!

Jeff walked Valerie home and asked if they could go out the following night with his friends. It was his birthday celebration. Valerie was apprehensive – did he really mean it, or was it just the euphoria of the evening talking? She suggested that if Jeff truly wanted her to meet his friends and join in the celebration, he should call the next day to extend the invitation. The following afternoon, Jeff called. He’s been the only one for her ever since.

The adventure continued through visits with each other’s families, magical vacations, the weddings of friends and birth of their children. As life went on, the couple realized that they wanted those things too, and wanted to have them together. Long-term, happily-ever-after was their goal and nothing was going to stop them.

On September 18th, 2004, Valerie entered a hotel room filled with thousands of rose petals and candles. Jeff got down on one knee to ask if they could begin the next phase of their lives together as man and wife. Valerie cried tears of joy. She couldn’t wait to begin. Jeff and Valerie were married Sept. 5th, 2005.

In the beginning, Jeff and Valerie told only close friends and family exactly how they met. Until recently, they felt a stigma still existed about meeting on the Internet. But as time passed, the couple realized, “Why not tell everyone about JDate? Maybe they can live out their happily-ever-after, too!” Nothing made that more evident than when the couple discussed the wedding ceremony with their rabbi. He was not the least bit surprised to learn how they met. Valerie says she still finds it amazing that she and Jeff are together because her mother thought he looked nice in a blue button-down shirt.


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