Millionaire CEO Brandon Wade recently wrote an article about the 5 things successful men look for in a woman. He asked 3,000 men who make upwards of $250,000 what the first thing they notice about a woman when assessing if they want to not only date her but marry her.

1. COMMUNICATION — verbal and written communication was the most important quality men noticed in women. They prefer speaking to a woman rather than text or email and desire a woman who can hold a conversation. When texts or emails are exchanged, they are turned off by silly abbreviations and typos.

2. POSTURE — don’t slouch. A woman that holds herself high is a confident woman who has manners.

3. WALK — a woman’s gait, how she carries herself while walking (speed, form) exudes confidence and creates a presence.

4. SENSE OF SELF — being a know-it-all or pretending to be a know-it-all is not attractive.

5. HAIR — men are not seriously drawn to a woman with messy hair, unnaturally colored hair. Having healthy hair is also an indication of the woman’s overall health.

Do you agree with this research?

None of the items seem too outrageous and most of them seem pretty obvious in fact. Speaking eloquently, sitting up straight, walking tall and not pretending you know something you don’t all seem like normal things a woman should practice, whether you are meeting a new man or interviewing for a job. The only one that caught me off-guard was the hair. Hair? It makes sense reading the reasoning, but I wouldn’t have thought that would have made the top five. It draws us back to a time when men would judge a woman’s desirability by her hips and weight, which equaled fertility and health and therefore her ability to bear a man children. So I guess healthy hair is the new indication of femininity. I could think of worse things…


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