Dear JDate,

cont-mt-wendy-lewisEven though I am not able to talk, write or feed myself yet, I want you to know that I will be forever grateful that my mommy and daddy met on JDate!

My mommy (Wendy) saw my daddy’s (Lewis) profile in October 2002 and was surprised to see someone in a town nearby that was Jewish. She had already met all the Jewish people in her small town that is about 100 miles west of Chicago. They began corresponding and found that they both had siblings in the Indianapolis area. After a month of writing and talking to each other, they met for dinner and a movie and, after that, didn’t spend too many weekends alone anymore. Several months later, my daddy met Mommy’s first son Mac (who is now my big brother), and the three of them enjoyed doing fun things together. He was wonderful with Mac, and Mommy knew that he would be a great father some day.

They met each others families that lived everywhere from N.Y. to Florida to Indiana to Nebraska, and by the end of the summer, Daddy knew Mommy was the one. Daddy loves airplanes and thought that the Chicago Air Show would be a good disguise for the day he would propose to Mommy. After the air show and dinner, they took a walk along the river to a romantic fountain that Daddy had photographed before and thought would be a great spot for a proposal. Under the fountain, Daddy pulled out a stuffed panda bear from a backpack, and inside the bear was a beautiful ring that he surprised Mommy with.

Seven months later, they were married at a beautiful mansion and honeymooned in the Dominican Republic. Three weeks before their first wedding anniversary, I arrived to join the happy family.

Baby Zachary for Wendy & Lewis
Morris, Illinois

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