On the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, 2012, during the Giants-Falcons playoffs game, Yuval sent Wendy an IM on JDate. Lucky for him, she accepted his request. They talked about the game, and then Yuval (not wanting to ruin a good conversation) quickly asked her if she wanted to grab a drink with him sometime.

The following Thursday Yuval asked Wendy to meet him at a dodgy bar in midtown called “The Mad Hatter.” Wendy had never heard of or been to this bar. Plus, Yuval set the time of the date for 9 PM. Wendy thought for sure she wasn’t going to like this person. Alas, when Wendy arrived in her bright purple raincoat and saw a softball team in the back of the bar, she was concerned. But then, behind a wall, she saw one lonesome man sitting at a table for two in the far back corner. All of her expectations were thrown out.

To Wendy’s surprise, Yuval was a young, handsome, charming, driven, sweet and unassuming man. “The regular?” the waitress asked, and the night kicked off from there. Yuval and Wendy enjoyed a couple of Yuenglings and laughed the night away. Before they knew it, time flew by and it was almost 1 AM! Wow…

On that first night, if you ask Wendy and Yuval, they were both smitten! They say it was ‘love at first sight.’

Fast forward to today: Wendy and Yuval were married on Sunday, August 11, 2013, a year and eight months after their first conversation on JDate.

Thank you, JDate

Wendy and Yuval
New York, New York

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  1. So happy for my little sister and her new HUSBAND!! The wedding this past weekend was amazing and beautiful!!


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