You can love it or hate it but it seems like there is no getting around Halloween. From the candy corn at the office to costumed gourds at the supermarket, this is one holiday that spooks or sparks us no matter how old we are.

Unlike ever before, the chance to dress up or down is making for pure adult entertainment as retailers are predicting an increase in spending on costumes for grownups.   Indeed, a survey by the National Retail Federation® finds that Americans are planning to spend a lot more on this Halloween than the last, and an estimated one billion dollars will be spent on trick or treat attire for adults, and  more than one third of respondents plan to throw or attend a party for All Hallow’s Eve.

This newfangled enthusiasm for a holiday that once revolved around peanut sized characters can be credited to the hard times that continue to plague our realities.  Playing dress up is a well-timed opportunity to suspend our disbelief and have fun for the night.

You can opt for one of this year’s trending outfits or pull your classic go-to costume out from under the bed. Just be warned that what you wear for Halloween sends a subtle message which may scare off or lure in the wrong types of characters.


The Cowboy: The down-to-earth but sly, sturdy and sun-kissed maverick will rope in two kinds of ladies: the demure, delicate belle or the wild trail-blazer. While playing cowboy is sure to be a fun and wild adventure for one night, know this: Most women do not consider these bad boys the marrying type.

Superhero: Power hungry villainesses will be trying to dig their claws into you so be prepared to leap tall buildings (or at least use the elevator to get up to their apartment). It’s easy to get fooled by damsels in disguise who are drawn to your super crime fighting capabilities, just don’t bite on the kryptonite or you will lose all of your powers.

Vampire: Women for centuries have been attracted to these sinister blood sucking creatures, but remember that the paranormal world is a cold, mysterious universe and those who get off in it can be playing a deadly game. This is the type of steamy first sight attraction that is likely to go lethal! 
The King: Showing up in a Viva Las Vegas getup is bound to get groupies, but wise men know that loyal fans often turn into desperate followers. If you’re not looking for a relationship, dress as a relaxed rocker and skip the glitzy gold, shades and side burns.


The Nurse:  You may look all nice dressed up in white but you will be tending to the heart sick and emotionally ailing in this wholesome getup. One night as Florence Nightingale may feel empowering but a guy that requires constant therapy may quickly become tiresome.

French Maid: The black and white lacy outfit is sure to conjure images of you bending down to dust for months to come. Trick or treater beware: The hot guys who flock towards you may like to play dirty and your nights of clean fun may turn into one hot mess.

School Girl: The innocent girl next door always gets the best scores among suitors. But the green and navy uniform, knee high socks and pigtails can lure in guys who are still stuck in third grade. Best steer clear of super geeks, action figure wannabes or anyone that shows up as Pee Wee Herman.

The Wicked Witch: It’s an easy last minute get-up but there is nothing sweet or sexy about a woman in green face paint and nose warts.  Naughty does not always make a sexy statement so leave the broomstick in your closet and grab that Disney princess dress.

Sure hope we didn’t scare you. Halloween is supposed to be fun, just go easy on the candy! is a lifestyle destination where singles get advice, discounts and connect with other singles, and share their inspiring personal success stories. To read more articles about the single lifestyle, click here!

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