The Second Book of Kings continues the history of a divided nation: the Kingdom of Israel in the north (10 tribes) and the Kingdom of Judea (Judah and Benjamin) in the south.

After following Elijah across the Jordan River (on dry land), Elijah’s disciple, Elisha, witnessed Elijah being swept up in a whirlwind that took him to heaven, never to be seen again.

Elisha’s years as the prophet of Israel were filled with wondrous miracles. For instance, Elisha blessed a barren Shunemite woman that she would have a son. Some years after the birth of her son, the child stopped breathing and Elisha brought the boy back to life.

Kings II continues through the wars and alliances of the successive kings. The two kingdoms were at times allies and at times enemies. Sadly, many of these kings led their subjects astray with idolatry.

The kings of Israel were: Ahaziah • Jehoram • Jehu • Jehoahaz • Jehoash • Jeroboam II • Zechariah • Shallum • Menahem • Pekahiah • Pekah • Hoshea

The kings of Judah were: Jehoram • Ahaziah • Athaliah • J(eh)oash • Amaziah • Uzziah • Jotham • Ahaz • Hezekiah • Manasseh • Amon • Josiah • Jehoahaz • Jehoyakim • Jeconiah/Jehoyachin • Zedekiah

The Assyrians invaded the Northern Kingdom during the reign of Menahem, but left after receiving an exorbitant tribute.

Shortly thereafter, Judea also became a vassal state of Assyria. Ahaz, King of Judea, already an idol-worshiper, made alterations to the Temple to mimic the Assyrian ways of worship.

(…to be continued)

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