Hey Rachel,

I’m new to JDate and I’m not sure which photos to use in my profile, or even how many I should post. This is all very overwhelming. Help!

– JDate Newbie


Dear JDate Newbie,

Breathe, I have you covered. I get this question ALL THE TIME. I recommend having at least three photos:

  • One headshot
  • One full body shot
  • One picture of you participating in one of your favorite activities/hobbies

The headshot and full body shot will give other members a feel for what you really look like, while the last picture gives a peek into your personality.

You can have up to 12 photos on your JDate profile, but I recommend no more than six. After that it tends to get redundant. We also have this nifty little tool that allows you to import your photos directly from Facebook. SO EASY!

Happy JDating,



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  1. Hi Rachel,

    So I know this might sound like a bit of a strange question. However, I think I may have met my dream girl on JDate but she has suddenly stopped responding to me and we didn’t exchange numbers etc. Now what do I do? She lives very close to me and she suggested that we meet up coffee. I really liked the idea and asked her when and she didn’t respond. I have tried following up with 2-3 messages but still no response and I am not sure what to do. Obviously, I need to give it a break for a while but for how long? I want to send her one more message but am really not sure what to say? Our messages were great and I felt like we were getting on really well but then she went cold and stopped replying? Maybe she met some one else? I am not sure?? Either way, I am sure I can’t be the first single guy to be in this situation. She seems like a really kind, intelligent, friendly lovely girl which are very hard to meet these days especially where I live so I don’t want to give up on her but I don’t want to come across too strong or desperate etc (because I am not).

    Any advice that you can provide here is as always most appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

    Confused Jewish Male

  2. Rachel,

    I really to forward a pm to you, it is a very straight forward request. I am just not comfortable
    asking you in a public forum. Can you assist me.


  3. why am I almost always contacted by women 3- 10 yrs. older than myself … what on earth is going on today

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