Why are these women so rude!

Sometimes online dating can give a false perception of how all the women out there truly are.  Let’s face it; many women often come across as rude, and sometimes even mean, when men try to pick them up online.

Why do they come off this way?  The answer is usually because many of these women are being bombarded with upwards of 50 emails a day.  It’s nearly impossible for some of these women to write back to every guy in a way that is “nice.”  This results in many emails or instant messages either getting completely ignored, or short responses that are intended to let the male down easy.

Unfortunately, many guys out there fail to realize this and do not always take the lack of response well.  Many guys will even lash out and accuse the women of being just plain rude or mean.

Instead of assuming a girl is rude or mean, find ways to approach women that will ignite  interest and curiosity, allowing you to push away all the competition out there and be first in line for a response.  Finding the proper way to open is your best way to improve your responses and have a completely effective online pick up.

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  1. I am sick of being fussed at all the time for being a woman. any suggestions? Because I get really frustrated on all ends with people.

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