What Would Jew Do?

There were some exciting commonalities within your JDate profiles and there was attraction and even some exciting email exchanges before meeting. But once you’re on your date you know almost instantly that it’s not meant to be. What’s a Jew to do?

You can either continue on the date but give off very platonic vibes and make it incredibly obvious that you’re not feeling your date as a romantic match but can enjoy their company on a friendship level and make sure to pay for yourself. Or, you can simply state that although you were very excited to go on the date that you “just know” this isn’t going to be a match but that since you’re already both dressed up and out on the town that you would be happy to continue enjoying each other’s company and get to know each other as friends and maybe think of other people to set each other up with or, if they’re not interested in doing so, then to just call it a night.

No matter which option you choose, treat your date with respect because they may not feel the same way as you… and one day you could be in their position.

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