What Would Jew Do?

Have you ever been asked, “Would you die for me?” Or been told, “I’d die for you?” What was your reaction? I have been hearing that line a lot on television programs, both scripted and reality, and it got me thinking about what exactly that means. Are we supposed to love our spouse so much that we would take a bullet for them or throw ourselves in front of a bus or offer ourselves up to kidnappers?

Here’s the part I don’t get — if I were to die for you, that means you’re now left mourning and feeling guilty, so what’s the point? Does it make someone feel more loved because their significant other would sacrifice their own life for yours? And what if one half of the couple says yes and the other says no? Does that mean one person loves the other more? And just because someone says they would die for you doesn’t mean they would actually do so when push comes to shove.

Do me a favor and never ask someone that question because you don’t know what you (a Jew) would do.

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