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cont-mt-yarden-paulOnce upon a time in a galaxy far, far away (Los Angeles, CA), there lived a girl by the name of Yarden. A beautiful and intelligent girl who would do anything to help anyone and would never think twice about it. Yarden was born in Israel and moved to the U.S.A in 1989.

Now on the other end of the galaxy (Melbourne, Australia), there lived a boy by the name of Paul—a handsome, worldly and intelligent man who was an honest, fun-loving hard worker (or close enough). Paul moved to Israel in 1989 for a six month stay in an Ulpan at Kibbutz Alonim; they could have passed each other at the Tel Aviv airport at the time and not known it. In any case, it was not meant to be, so they went on with their lives.

Now it’s ten years later (1999), and computers have become a part of everyday life; accessing the Internet is as common as turning on the television. The Internet has everything anyone could ever desire to see or read, hence Information Technology. It is also a new and very popular way to meet new friends, and if your lucky, a partner in life.

So, it came to pass that on one cool autumn afternoon in May (May 20th, 1999), Paul (that’s me) arrived home from work and decided, out of the blue, to enter the chat room…

There I saw various names on the contact list, mostly from the U.S.A, and then I came upon the name “Yarden.” Because I had never heard that name before, I asked her, “Are you a male or female?” She replied, “100% woman.” After chatting for a little while, she asked me to stay online with her so that she wouldn’t miss her plane, which was in a few hours (she didn’t want to fall asleep)… and we talked for hours. Yarden left the next morning, and I thought, “That’s that. She’s off to another state, and I’ll never hear from her again.” So, I emailed her, and on her return, she replied to me. This went on for two weeks. We had sent many pictures of each other, but I could not deal with just typing any more. Yarden was everything I was looking for in a woman, so I telephoned her every night until I realized that this was serious enough to contemplate actually meeting. Yarden was not able to leave at the time, and I had annual leave, so I went for a number of weeks to L.A. to meet her. On the last night with her, I proposed.

So, I returned to Australia, and she sold everything and went to Israel for a few weeks before moving to Australia to be my wife.

We married on the 30th of January 2000 in civil court in Melbourne, but we had the real wedding on Carmel Mt. Haifa, Israel on April 13th, 2000. Our dreams did come true after all, and we are very happy together and love each other with all our hearts.

Yarden & Paul
Los Angeles, California and Melbourne, Australia

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