First dates are about deciding if you want a second one, not just about seeing whether someone likes you. When someone with whom you had a great vibe decides not to meet again, it can be confusing. You might even wonder if your efforts not to look desperate made you come across as aloof and disinterested.

Are you sending the right signals when you’re on a first date? Do these five things to send clear signals to your date that you would be on board for a second one.

1. Use Body Language

You can always tell if someone is “into you” physically by their body language during the date. There are ways to shows interest: smiles, good eye contact, touching the person on the arm or hand, leaning in when they are talking, walking close and keeping your arms and hands open for accidental brushes against theirs, etc. These subtle signs leave the other person feeling confident and secure about reaching out to you again. And if you want to go for it, you can give them a friendly hug at the end of the date.

2. Be An Engaged Listener

This goes beyond staying off your phone during the date. It is about being an active listener on the date – hearing what they are saying and asking meaningful questions.

Whether they are talking about hobbies, vacations, work or family, it will be very gratifying for them to be with someone who is truly taking interest in what they are sharing and wanting to get to know them more.

3. Exude Confidence

Even if your head is swimming with thoughts about how you are coming across and whether you are really attracted to him or not, be self-assured. Send a vibe that you know how great you are, are confident that you will meet the right person soon and if it isn’t this date, you are fine with that. People are drawn towards confidence.

4. Be Direct

End the date with a clear message that you had fun. Everyone is so hesitant to lose the upper hand and give their date a clear sign that they would be interested in seeing them again. As a result, the ends of dates are full of cryptic messages and both people are usually hesitant to reach out to the other person too quickly.

Don’t hesitate to be direct by saying you had a great time or texting that it was nice to hang out. Make your objective to leave the door open. The worst that can happen is that your date won’t feel the same way, and you are resilient enough to handle that.

5. Reach Out

Reach out if you haven’t heard from them. Although some would argue that your best bet is to play hard to get and save your dignity, your ego can handle taking a risk.

Reach out by sending a clever text, a funny image or a smart one-liner related to an inside joke that came up that evening. If you get a response, go ahead and make a move to set up the next date. Own your power and go after what you want. The next move is up to them.

Be proactive in getting that second date by using the tips above. You can do it!

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