Can you believe Thanksgiving is upon us?! Personally, this is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the days and weeks leading up to the holidays, and Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite of the bunch. There’s nothing better than coming together with family (and the food and wine doesn’t suck either). The thing is you can’t choose your family, and some members of your family may be a bit on the “crazy” side. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re in a reality show with the madness that ensues when the whole fam gets together. But guess what? This is a good thing! I’m here today to tell you why you should be so extremely grateful that you come from a big, crazy Jewish family.

1. It’s Never Boring

There is never-ending entertainment at your family gatherings. The more people, the more possibilities there are for funny jokes, silly references and all-around good fun. You’ll never be bored at a family function, that’s for sure.

2. You Get To Share The Experience

Grandma won’t only pick on you. Grandmas worry about their grandkids, but because there are so many of you, she won’t solely focus on you and your love life (or lack thereof). Bubbe will probably pester you all one by one, and then you can all vent about it later together.

3. There Are Plenty Of Drinks To Go Around

You’ll never be drinking alone. Look, the more of you there are, the more likely there is at least one person who is on your drinking level, so bring on the wine, and don’t feel sorry for having a few too many glasses!

4. Someone Might Set You Up

When you have a big family, there’s more of an opportunity that one of your relatives has someone to set you up with. A big family means a lot of people which means a lot of people who have other friends and friends of friends who might be single and ready to mingle with YOU, so take advantage of that and ask to get set up. Don’t be shy; it’s your family after all.

5. You’re Never Stuck In A Conversation

If you get bored of talking to someone, there’s many other people you can go talk to. I get it, sometimes Uncle John can talk A LOT about the most boring topics, but luckily, you can just move on over and talk to your cousin when things get stale.

6. You Can Relax

You can probably get away with not helping with the dishes. Again, there are so many of you, it’s likely at least one of them will be helping in the kitchen. You can just sneak away to have another glass of wine and they probably won’t even notice.

7. More Love

Family is everything. Like I said above, at the end of the day, family is where it’s at. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by people who you love and who love you back. Enjoy each and every moment, savor the memories and feel grateful whenever your crazy group gets together. You’re a lucky one!

As Thanksgiving gets closer and you’re thinking about what you’re thankful for, hopefully family tops that list. Have a great holiday, and cheers to your crazy fam!

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