Believe it or not, Passover is already on the horizon, guys. And whether you celebrate it with family, friends or not at all, there are some great perks that come along with the Passover holiday – seriously! It’s well beyond the Seder, the 10 plagues, the charoset and the matzah, so I think this year we should all take advantage of everything that Pesach has to offer. Who’s with me? If you’re not with me, keep on reading because I might just change your mind.

1. Enjoy Delicious Drinks

You’re encouraged to drink. I mean, when is that ever a bad thing? Throughout the Seder, you have four glasses of wine (yes, four). And you don’t actually have to stop there, but the point is this holiday wants you to drink; in fact, if you’re properly following the Haggadah, you MUST drink.

2. Kick Back And Relax

Passover is a time to relax. I know what you’re thinking: “How on earth can I relax when my entire family is around asking ‘So, you still aren’t dating anyone?’” However, you are actually told to relax during the Seder. One of The Four Questions is “On all other nights, we eat either sitting upright or reclining. Why on this night do we all recline?” And who doesn’t want to relax while eating and drinking? I know I do.

3. Make Some Cash

You can make $$ at the Passover Seder. Typically, finding the Afikoman is for the kiddies of the group, but there’s no reason you can’t play. Go find that Afikoman and you might make a few extra bucks.

4. Relive Your College Days

In college, there are a lot of all-nighters and parties that last until the wee hours of the morning. Well, my friends, sometimes that Passover Seder can last hours and hours and hours, so it’s just like you’re back in college (except without the $1 shots and boxed wine and terrible hangover, although I suppose the hangover might still happen … see #1).

5. Sing The Hits

The Passover songs never change – ever. So it’s kind of like the best Jewish music of all time is in your presence and you get to belt it at the top of your lungs. It’s pretty fun, especially after you’ve had those four glasses of wine.

6. Lose A Few Pounds

Since you can’t eat bread for a week (or anything that rises, for that matter), you can maybe shed those last few winter pounds. That’s a positive, right?!

This year, instead of going into your Passover Seder bumming about the long night ahead, you can remember that it doesn’t matter, and you can drink all the wine you want, relax the night away and maybe even earn some money, honey.

Have a Happy Passover and a Chag Sameach!

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