Dear Tamar,

I got divorced two years ago and have been in more than a dozen “relationships” since then, but none of them last more than two months. Usually, I’m the one at the helm of the break-up. Is there some two-month dating funk I need to be made aware of?

—Two-Month Dater


Dear Two-Month Dater,

Two months is a pretty decent amount of time to get to know someone. By then, you should know enough to decide if you want to enter into a serious relationship or not. Is there some unwritten rule about dating for more than two months? No. But it seems to be a common time frame which allows you to get past the formal dating phase, spend quality time together and truly see how they live and if you want to join that life.

“Dating for a month or two” isn’t such a big deal, but “dating for a few months” projects another level of commitment. You’re pretty spot-on to be breaking up after two months if you don’t see it going anywhere. Just don’t let that elusive deadline get the best of you if you meet someone worthy of more time!

When you do find someone that you’re ready to make more of a commitment to, think about the best way to take your relationship to the next level. That way, you’ll be prepared to jump that two-month hurdle that you’ve dealt with in the past to keeping moving forward with someone you’re excited about.

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