6 Signs You’re In Love But Don’t Know It Yet

Sometimes when you meet someone, love catches you unprepared. You weren’t planning on having feelings. He or she didn’t seem like your type. You didn’t want to commit. You weren’t ready to fall in love. There was “no way” this person would catch your interest. You had been on a million dates, so how was love really possible?

Well, like a powerful “bug,” you can catch love … and it can take a hold over you without you even knowing it sometimes.  You might stubbornly refuse to believe it or you may fight it, but it happens to all of us. Here are some signs you’re already in love and just don’t know it yet.

1. You Find the Smallest Reason To Contact Them

It doesn’t matter if it’s an article you think this person might like to read or an interesting particle of dust you just saw. When you love someone, you’ll find any reason to contact or see this person. You will drive long distances. You will make non-urgent situations seem urgent if it means seeing this person or speaking to him or her.

In other words, you will move mountains to connect with this person!

2. Everything Reminds You Of Them

You can’t help but find a million things in your day that remind you of your special someone. From a song to a scent, your brain has a one-track mind: love for this person!

3. You Overlook Stuff You Didn’t Before

With previous dates or matches, you were nitpicking at certain things about them, or you were more particular as to whether you would give that person a chance.

Now, for better or worse, you meet someone and cupid sticks an arrow in your heart, and suddenly, you’re overlooking things you wouldn’t before.

He doesn’t have a degree? Who cares! She’s got two kids and you weren’t prepared to date a parent? Who cares!

When cupid attacks, she’ll make you utterly loopy over your love interest.

4. You Do Anything To Make This Person Happy

If your love interest is enthralled with snow globes, you’ll go out and find the most obscure snow globes around just to please her.

If your love interest is obsessed with wrestling, you’ll stay up and watch matches … something you swore you would never do before.

You just really want this person to be happy, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to see them smile.

5. You Want to Heal His or Her Wounds

You’ll find yourself aching to help your love interest get over anything, whether it’s a cold or an absent parent. You’ll whatever you can to support this person and try to relieve his or her stressors.

Suddenly, you’re giving of yourself in ways that you weren’t before, and you don’t regret it one bit.

6. You Open Up and Let This Person Right in

When you really let someone inside of not just your life but your heart and your thoughts, you’ve fallen in love for sure. When that wall comes down and you start to let someone really discover who you are, don’t be surprised if you suddenly realize “Hey – I’m in love!”

Love is special and rare. If it were so easy to find, it wouldn’t be so amazing, and you’d probably have an easy time walking away from the person. The reality is that when it does truly happen, it is special, so appreciate it … because if you don’t, you’ll lose the greatest gift life has to offer: another person’s love and care.

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