Oh, Israeli men. I could write you a love letter the length of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You’re charming and handsome, Jewish and cool, tan regardless of the season… I’d give you five stars on Yelp and recommend you to a friend.

Ladies and gents, if you’re an American considering taking the Sabra plunge, here are ten reasons you should get off your tuches and go text him some emojis already.

1. He’s Frickin’ Great-Looking

Where are your ancestors from? Russia? Me too. Newsflash: gene diversity makes you beautiful (I’m looking at you, Rashida Jones), and Israeli guys are the product of some serious Ashkenazi-Mizrahi-Sephardi mixing that makes them both exotic and symmetrical. SHALOM.


2. He Isn’t Easily Rattled

He backpacked around the world for a year; he grew up surrounded by very aggressive, very direct women; and he protected his country from scary terrorist organizations. He’ll keep his cool and help you see the big picture when you’re freaking out over the little things (the cockroach in the shower, the terrible traffic, the too-spicy Thai food). Perspective is everything.


3. He’s Well-Trained

He’s super considerate. He notices and appreciates when you cook for him, asks for seconds, and then does the dishes. He takes care of you. He has a demanding and doting mother and four sisters who all adore him, who taught him how to be loving… and how to follow directions.

4. He’s Into Relationships

Israeli women don’t put up with crap – men hitting it and quitting it included. So guys learn to appreciate relationships early on. He’s way less commitment-phobic than your average American Joe, and he’ll wow you with the relationship skills he picked up from his previous serious relationships. Toda, Yael and Tamar!

5. You Can Escape Winter Together

Everyone’s freezing their butts off, but you’re spending Christmas break with his family in Ramat Gan. After a few days of hummus and sunshine and his mother’s cooking, you’ll forget what frostbite feels like.

Tel Aviv
6. He’s Ridiculously Affectionate

Israeli culture is warm and familiar and super touchy. These guys are not afraid of hugging, kissing, snuggling, you name it. Get ready to feel the love, and kiss those chaste pecks goodbye. Thankfully, these boys were never told to “leave room for Jesus.”

7. He’ll Introduce You To Great Music & Food

He’ll open the door to a whole new culture that sounds great and tastes delicious. Your life will be so much better once you’ve been introduced to Arik Einstein, shakshuka, Idan Raichel, sabich, bamba, and the whole genre of Mizrahi music (Eyal Golan will forever change your dance party expectations for the better).


8. He’s Like A Real-Life James Bond

(But circumcised!) You know how much badass, Jason Bourne-esque stuff he did in the army? You know how many codes he decoded, how many secret missions he went on, how many terrorist plots he intercepted in Lebanon at the last second? That’s right, you don’t. Because that stuff is top-secret, so if he told you, he’d have to kill you. But he was definitely disabling bombs while you were sleeping through class.

9. He’s Always Late

Just like you! In Israel, no one has time to worry about being on time. You’ll both show up 15-20 minutes late, and your relationship will be blissfully guilt-free, except for when you’re eating bacon.

10. He’ll Speak Hebrew To You In Bed

Dirty talk – and normal talk – in the sack can be awkward. The pressure of word choice alone can render anyone speechless. Enter: Sexy Foreign Language You Do Not Speak or Understand. He can say whatever and it will sound romantic and mysterious no matter what. For all you know, he’s waxing poetic about eggplant – IT DOES NOT MATTER. IT WILL SOUND AMAZING. Everyone wins!

If you’re not convinced that Israeli guys are worth a chance, no worries – that just leaves more for the rest of us!


  1. I find this article lacking cultural sensitivity. It seems to be objectifying of “Israeli” culture. I realize that is the point, but I think it’s sending the wrong message.
    Israeli culture, just like any other culture, is complex and comes with good parts and bad parts. It’s sad to me when Americans write articles like these in order to put Israeli men in an attractive light. This turns “Israeli men” into an exotic caricature for the writer’s own benefit. Their culture, in turn, becomes part of this exotic caricature rather than actually trying to get to know it. This writer seems to have a base understanding of Israeli culture as she freely uses terms and refers to different foods and music etc. (Israeli guys are the product of some serious Ashkenazi-Mizrahi-Sephardi mixing that makes them both exotic and symmetrical.) but it’s seems to be only for her own superficial benefit of using Israeli guys for an exotic fantasy.

    1. Please lighten up. It was a very uplifting article, filled me with Jewish pride. I do not need to be reminded that there is “downside,” the world press reminds me everyday, how lacking Israelis and Jews, in general, are. Just let me have this, ok?

  2. Liron, the article is just a fun tongue in cheek type of thing.It doesn’t need to be culturally sensitive, lol stop it already.

  3. I find this article unrealistic. It describes the “perfect” guy. Sure, there are nice Israeli men. They can also come with narcissitic, controlling, abusive (in every way), greedy, selfish behavior and more. Yes, there are plenty of Israeli men that are disgusting low-life scumbags too.

  4. I found this article interesting.
    It gave me another perspective on dating Israeli men.
    I never do because I’ve always thought that most of them are male chauvinists who mistreat their women.
    Sephardic women have told me some horror stories about this.
    It seems there might be some benefits that I haven’t considered.
    I would discover soon enough if I did give them a try.

  5. The Hebrew language sounds awful with the repulsive sounds that sound like phlegm in one’s throat being readied to hawk.and the back of the throat clicks often accompanied with viscous )up smacking and roof of the mouth smacking. So I doubt Israeli men’s pillow talk is pleasant. Please, Israeli men eliminate these repulsive sounds by softening the horrible ‘kh’ sound with a pleasant soft ‘h’ sound and eliminating all those horrible extraneous mouth noises. It’s easy to do once a person is made aware of it. Hope you take this criticism constructively, no personal offense meant.

    1. Please get help for your self hatred (unless you are not a Jew, in which case you need help with your anger and racism problems). Thanks.

  6. I find this all true at first encounter. I am American and was seduced like never before by a younger Israeli man! I objected but my goodness he is just as described and more. Can’t help the attraction. Now American men seem lacking charm and something sexual that Israeli men have in their culture. Who knew!

  7. This may be a generational thing – pertaining more to second generation Israeli’s BTW. If even half of it is true (and I believe it is) sounds great!

    A serious question: Why would an Israeli in Israel show interest in a woman in the US? Do they want to gain citizenship? Want me to make Aliyah?

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  8. I loved this article about Jewish men, thank you so much, it was so nice the way your describe them! All I want for Christmas (Hanukkah) is Jew!!! LoL!

  9. I found this article to be informative and with my limited experience with Israeli men, quite accurate. I’m a Swiss women living in North America traveling a lot for work. I have now met three Israeli men on tinder. I got a super like from each of them. They were much younger than myself. Here are my observations. Although younger, they’ve all been much more mature than their North American counterparts. I loved their directness, no games attitude. They weren’t just cute but beautiful! Their attentiveness and show of affection in bed made them the best lovers, by far. Not to generalize but 3 out of 3 is good enough odds for me to say Israeli men are my favorites.

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