Lots of singles prefer to go on first dates during the week, which makes meeting up for a drink or a meal after work can be a convenient option. Although I strongly suggest Prime Time Date Night (Friday or Saturday nights) for dates with prospects you think are special, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a weeknight to take some of the pressure off. Another bonus with weeknight dates is that it ensures an end-stop to the evening since you can excuse yourself under the guise of having to go to work early the next morning. That said, there are still some common mistakes many singles make when they’re making the shift from work to date.

1. Not Changing Your Outfit

If you know you have a date after work, grab some small clothing changes to switch up your wardrobe. Going on a date in a wrinkled suit and work-appropriate shoes that you’ve been wearing all day is not going to give you the best mindset. Grab a pair of nice jeans and less conservative shoes. Take off jackets and ties and unbutton the top of your shirt.

2. Not Freshening Up

While you’re picking out clothes and shoes, grab some toiletries to take with you. That slightly stuffy feeling you have after a full day in your work clothes will appear on your face and in your hair as well. Bring face wipes and then massage in some moisturizer to get the blood flowing and bring color to your face. Reapply any makeup, pull a brush through your hair, roll on a new layer of deodorant and spritz some more perfume or cologne.

3. Talking About Work

The worst thing you can do on a date after work is talk about work. Sure, discuss what you do quickly, but your date doesn’t need to hear about your workplace drama or complicated business deals on a first (or second) date.

4. Not Shaking Off The Stress

While you’re stopping yourself from talking about work, stop yourself from feeling the stress of your workday now that you’re no longer at work. Literally, shake it off. Do a little jig, roll your shoulders back a few times, meditate, stretch … whatever it takes to let go of work-related stress, calm your first date jitters and focus on the person in front of you.

5. Going Somewhere Too Close To Work

The last thing you want to do is run into coworkers while on a date. Between the introductions, the explanations and the gossiping, it’s better to inconvenience yourself and travel a bit farther away in order to avoid this happening. A first date should be between you and your date. There’s always the chance you may run into someone you know, but you can try and minimize those odds by at least not going somewhere that you know your coworkers frequent after work.

Not every first or second date is going to take place on Prime Time Date Night, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it just as seriously and prepare and plan for it accordingly. Everyone has busy schedules and getting the Saturday night ask-out every weekend is not very realistic, so don’t take it personally. Put forth the effort to show that you appreciate the time you’re both spending to meet.

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