Here in the Midwest, the temperature finally dropped this week, and it’s clear fall has arrived.  I knew this because it was cool outside, yes, but another telltale sign was the state of the outerwear section of a department store I was in last week – it seriously looked like the bread aisle in a grocery store right before a predicted snowstorm! With the fall air comes renewed date ideas — picnics in the park and baseball games are replaced by fall festivals and things involving pumpkins. In honor of the season, here’s a somewhat poetic ode to autumn.

Apple picking and all the rest

Leggings, boots, a puffy vest.

Pumpkin this, pumpkin that,

Spiced lattes in a vat.

Candy apples at simchas torah,

Only two months til we light the menorah.

Take your gal on a hay ride

She doesn’t like it? At least you tried.

Hanging around a hot bonfire

Sit too close and you’ll perspire.

New fling at the end of its days?

Try to lose him in a corn maze.

Log on before it’s too late –

Search profiles and make a fall date!


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