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You might think you know what it means to have a Jewish mom. Your mom might worry about your career options, panic over your single status, and send you daily emails, reminding you ever so gently to “FRIEND SHEILA MYERSON’S SON ON FACEBOOK RIGHT NOW!!! He just got a PhD in astrophysics and I know you like outer space too!!! Friend him!!!” But no matter how extreme your Jewish mom might be, you will still be surprised and amused by the Jewish mom stories found in this new collection, Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much By Our Moms. Read on, to find out what we learned about Jewish moms from the tales in this hilarious new book. You may even want to buy a copy for your mom for Mother’s Day!

9781402292590-PR1)      They’re All Jealous of You

Getting teased? Getting rejected? Your mother is the one person who expresses absolute disbelief that you have not either been given your own television show or become President of the United States, and she always provides this explanation: They’re Jealous!

2)      Choosing a Summer Camp is as Important as Choosing a College

Isn’t that what “Summer Camp Consultants” are for? A good Jewish mother will make sure you have options.

3)      Online Dating is the New Way to Find Prince(ss) Charming

Your Beshert is out there, and your mom is determined to write your happy ending. Even if it means impersonating you on JDate…

4)      You Should Be Playing Tennis Right Now

She spent all that money on lessons. The least you could do is use your time and energy to find an attractive doubles partner. And who looks better in a tennis skirt than you? No one!

5)      No One Could Ever Love You More

Within all these tales of the book, and within all mothers, is a unifying force, and that, of course, is the way a mom loves.

Rachel Ament is a writer and editor living in Washington, DC. She has been published in the New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, Oxygen, AOL, Hello Giggles, and other publications. Buy her book, The Jewish Daughter Diaries, here!
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