After spending countless days viewing your date’s profile, then exchanging Flirts, drafting, redrafting and sending emails, talking on the phone and making plans … you are finally sitting face-to-face! But since you’re just learning to read your date’s body language and understand their tone, how will you know if there’s interest in a second date?

There are typically some clear-cut signs to look for, aside from the obvious, like them telling you they want to see you again. Here are the signs that let you know whether a second date is in the cards for you two:

  1. The Smize: Tyra Bank’s term for when your eyes are smiling will translate from “America’s Next Top Model” to your first date. (In case you didn’t catch the connection, smiling + eyes = smize.) If your date is looking at you with happiness in their eyes and holding eye contact continuously throughout the night, then you have a pretty good indication of interest. Someone who isn’t interested will find anything else to look at besides you. And someone who is having a good time will not be able to stop smiling, either.
  2. The Convo: Speaking of conversation, it should flow easily and there shouldn’t be just one person drilling questions at the other. A date that’s going well involves both participants with both people enjoying the exchange, sharing information about themselves and learning about the other.
  3. The Lean-In: A person who is interested in you and what you have to say will lean towards you during conversation. If you’re sitting next to each other then you will both be turned at an angle so that your knees nearly touch. If you’re sitting across from each other, then you’ve tossed your manners to the curb and have your elbows on the table so that you’re as close as possible.
  4. The Touch: When your date places a hand on your arm or leg during conversation, it’s a sign that they are interested in you as more than friends. Touching is an indication of sexual attraction, so if you want to let your date know that you are interested, you should also make the effort to rest your hand gently on their arm or knee.
  5. The Attention: Is your date tuned in to you? Do they notice when your drink is low and wave the waiter over? Do they ask quality follow-up questions during an intense conversation? When someone is into you, their attention goes beyond just politely listening to truly caring about what you have to say and making sure you’re having a good time.
  6. The Kiss: There are a variety of options when you say goodbye after a first date: you can stand awkwardly and bid your date adieu, give a quick hug or share a kiss goodnight. Obviously, the kiss is a clear indication of mutual interest, but any touch is hopeful! Some people prefer not to kiss on the first date; therefore, a light kiss on the cheek or a lingering hug is still a sign that your date is into you (as long as you can also check off most or all of the other items on this list).

While getting these signs is important, it’s only half the battle. If you’re hoping for a second date, make sure you are returning the signs above. In fact, you don’t need to wait to see the signs first; if you are interested, then let your date know by displaying these signs. That might just give them the boost of confidence they need to return the gesture.

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