You’ve finally met the one and you’re absolutely sure! There is nothing that seems wrong about this woman and every single thing seems right about her. She’s beloved by you and your family, and even your friends think she’s pretty wonderful. You’ve got the perfect ring for your hopeful wife-to-be, but now how do you ask her? How do you make it special? How do you let your woman know that she is the right one for you and you never want to let her go? Try these six ways to pop the question to your hopeful Jewish bride-to-be!

1. Make It A Family Affair

Are you very close with your family? Has your girlfriend formed a particularly tight bond with your family as well? Instead of having it be a one-on-one event, why not gather your family together when you ask her?

You can ask her if she’d like to become a member of your family tribe in addition to the Jewish tribe you’re already both a part of.

2. Keep It Funny

Are you shy but a big fan of live events and comedy? Well, there’s two ways to go about this. Why not visit a comedy show and have a comedian do the honors in the middle of his set? It certainly won’t bomb!

If you’re feeling more adventurous, a comedian who doesn’t mind being interrupted mid-set might just let you take the mic and ask her yourself. With a rich history of Jewish comedians/comediennes, it’s the perfect way to ask for her hand (and humor) in marriage!

3. Go On A Tropical Getaway

A little tropical getaway would be an intimate way to ask her to be your forever love!

Don’t set it up like there is something to be expected. If you do, she may be on edge waiting all vacation. If you choose to ask her this way, keep things very hush-hush and tell as few people as possible that you’re about to pop the question. Then, blow her away with a thoughtful touch, like:

  • Writing the question in the sand.
  • Asking her at sunset.
  • Leaving the ring at the bottom of a wine glass (make sure she doesn’t chug!)

Any time you ask on a tropical paradise getaway, you can be sure it will be romantic and memorable. Cliché? Maybe, but sometimes things that are expected are still pretty darn wonderful.

4. Be Creative

If she’s an intellectual or artistic, send the message in a way she’ll appreciate. Here are a couple unique ideas:

  • Commission a mural with the words, “Say ‘I do’ to me,” or some other proposal language!
  • Tuck a letter amongst her favorite novel and then ask her to turn to the page and read to you the passage inside. She’ll be thrilled when she reads not Tolstoy, but your proposal!

5. Host A Game Night

Do you and your friends love game night? Have the game turn to trivia, and as the questions get harder, stun your girlfriend with the best question of all: “Will you marry me?”

6. Break A Sweat

Do you two love challenging athletic activities, like Tough Mudder or CrossFit?

Ask the instructor if he or she will play along and let the exercise get challenging in a new way.

Have the instructor tell your lady that she’s going to have to complete a different type of challenge in order to find out something you’ve been meaning to tell her.

20 push-ups? Not yet.

30 burpees? Not yet.

Holding that plank for five minutes? Hmm. Maybe!

She might be disgustingly sweaty by the time you pop the question, but it proves she’s a hard worker and an amazing future wife!

The key to making your proposal memorable is to make it meaningful. Think about the things you both value and love to get the proposal inspiration you need!

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