Dating is hard for everyone – men included. As much as I tend to think it’s harder for women to find a solid guy to settle down with, men have their work cut out for them as well. Since women have a million articles telling them who to avoid on the dating scene (even though we don’t always listen to the advice), here’s one for the fellas.

Guys, these are the ladies you need to watch out for if you want to get serious with someone.

1. Ms. Nothing Is Good Enough

Gotta love the woman who is never impressed with anything you do. She’ll leave you a laundry list of to-dos and somehow, even if you cross off everything on that list, you still didn’t do enough.

Your job doesn’t pay you enough. Your car isn’t flashy enough. What you do for her isn’t romantic enough.

She finds a flaw in everything, and despite her ability to cut you into little pieces, she always knows one perfect guy who does everything right – but she’s not dating him. She’s dating you.

Just dump her already, and don’t feel bad.

2. Ms. Lady Who Lunches

If you’re okay supporting her shopping habits, then by all means, proceed. But if your idea of a good woman means being a reasonable spender and a hard worker, back away as soon as you notice your potential lady’s shopping habits.

Is most of her free time spent shopping or returning things she bought? Does she spend most of her time with friends who do the same? What is her career path like? Does she have a “job” – something she sees expiring as soon as she’s married? Or does she have a career – something that she’s very invested in and loves talking about?

If she seems more interested in what you can offer financially rather than emotionally, politely decline moving forward. Hey, I admit that I love to shop, but I am also passionate about what I do and work hard for a living.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with a woman who is self-sufficient – or dumping someone who’s clearly using you for your money.

3. Ms. Wedding-Obsessed

If she can’t get the words “cushion-cut engagement ring” out of her mouth fast enough, you’ve got to walk away and just blame yourself.

Say, “It’s not you – it’s me.”

There’s nothing wrong with seeking a serious commitment, but if on date number one she’s telling you about the song she plans on dancing to with her dad at her wedding, you need to understand that she’s not dating to meet the right one, she’s just dating to get married already. That’s a sure way to end up married to the wrong person.

Get out, before you’re ring shopping next weekend!

4. Ms. Never Commits

If she’s always waiting until the last minute to make a plan with you, or she floats in and out of your life on a whim, recognize that she doesn’t really like you; she’s just lonely. And in her loneliness, you provide some refuge for her, but do you really want to be someone’s umbrella – something she sets aside when the sun is shining – or do you want to be a rock in her life – there no matter what the weather or reason?

If she’s constantly coming in and out of your life on her own time and accord, she’s really not committed to making anything happen with you. It’s just a waste of your time and a sign that you need to walk away.

While there are plenty of wonderful women out there looking for a real relationship, you’re bound to come across a few duds along the way. Keep an eye out for these warning signs to make sure you don’t get wrapped up with the wrong lady on your quest for love.

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