Being single isn’t a death sentence, but sometimes, it can feel as if you will never meet the right one. You start to wonder if you’re going to die in a sea of kitty litter, which isn’t cute whether you’re male or female.

And don’t forget about those dreaded “plus one” situations and the intrusive questions, like “Why aren’t you married” or “Have you met anyone since your divorce?” It can make you feel as if being single is akin to some rare disease.

But I’m here to reassure you that it’s truly not.

All those happy couples you see aren’t always happy. Just because someone has found their forever plus one doesn’t mean their life is always better than if they were flying solo.

Here are some reasons you should embrace, enjoy and be thankful you’re single.

1. Not Being With The Wrong One

Whenever I feel down about not having met the right person, I’m reminded by my friends that I could be with someone. I could lower my standards or settle for any old situation, but I’m not.

You are single not because you’re not worthy, but because you are leaving room in your life for the right person to enter, rather than filling up the spot with the wrong one.

You want the right one, not a placeholder.

2. Not Dealing With Fights

Forget cold nights on the couch, stress-inducing drama and rough breakups. You don’t have to deal with any of that as a single person. The couch, bed or chair is all yours to be used however you see fit.

3. Not Having To Live According To Someone Else’s Standards

When you’re single, you can leave the dishes in the sink and toss your socks on the bedroom floor every night. Or, you can organize your closet perfectly by pant length and shirtsleeve type and no one will mess with your system.

You can live life how you want to instead of living in a state of “constant compromise” that relationships require you to exist in – that is, if you want to keep the relationship.

4. Not Having To Sacrifice Your Own Interests

Dying to work on your pet rock collection, but your last girlfriend thought you were a dork? You might be, but that’s okay! Being single means not having to sacrifice your personal time. With more time to yourself, you get to do what you want to do with hobbies and interests. Instead of watching another chick flick, you get to head to Crossfit. Not too shabby!

5. Not Having To Say No To Another Potential Interest

Are you talking to a bunch of prospects on JDate or meeting lots of great singles when you go out? Enjoy! When you’re single, you don’t have to be tied down to one man or woman. You can enjoy a variety of flavors, if you will. While dating can be exhausting, it can also be fun getting to know people and experiencing what the world has to offer. Why settle down when you’re still having fun?

6. Not Having To Deal With Someone Else’s Expectations

Your last woman wanted marriage, but you weren’t ready. Your ex expected you to spend every Sunday watching the game, but you’re not into football – at all. Your former partner’s family drove you nuts, yet they were with you guys everywhere you went because your former partner insisted on it.

Being single means not having to deal with any of this. Being single means not being forced to deal with another person’s expectations, and guess what? That can be pretty sweet.

7. Not Being Taken And Miserable

You’re single? Stop crying. You could be married/dating and miserable. Nothing is worse than that. Trust me, a happily divorced woman. Being with the wrong person is a special kind of hell. It’s much better to be on your own than miserable and in a relationship.

Being single can feel lonely, but it’s better than being stuck in a bad situation. Embrace your freedom and remember to be thankful for the positive things that being single brings to your life.

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