For ages, folklore has told us that properties of different flowers can be used to attract love. So why not have fun with nature to infuse more magic and romance in your life? Below are 12 flowers historically used to summon “The One” while single or dating.

     1. Jasmine

How To Use Flower Power To Attract Love

Jasmine signifies romance. Wear it as perfume, diffuse it or have jasmine flowers around your house to fuel romantic energy.

     2. Carnations

Carnations signify pure love. Give them to the one you’d love to be with.

     3. Pansies

Pansies used to be placed on the eyes of someone who was sleeping. It was said that he or she would fall in love with the first person they saw upon waking.

     4. Rose & Orange Blossom

Cleopatra bathed several times a day with essence of rose and orange blossom. You can follow suit and bathe in rose and orange blossom essence to feel sexy and beautiful before a date.

     5. Yarrow

How To Use Flower Power To Attract Love

Yarrow was long believed to be a love charm. It was said that if a woman places it under her pillow and repeats a rhyme, she will dream of her future husband.

     6. Dill

Dill was used as an ingredient in medieval love potions. Dill seed was often used to make one irresistible to the person that they desired.

     7.  Five-Leaf Daisy

Superstition said that if you find a five-leaf daisy and swallowed it without chewing, you would that day shake hands with your intended.

     8. Dandelion 

Folklore said that if you blow seeds from the dandelion until none remain, counting each puff as a letter of the alphabet; the letter which ends the blowing will be the initial of the name of the person you will marry.

     9. Honeysuckle Vine

Superstition says that if you want to dream of your future husband, make a wreath out of a honeysuckle vine and hang it above your bed.

    10. Valerian

It was believed that the woman who discretely tucked a sprig of valerian into her bra would attract the attention of men.

     11. Basil

It was believed that if a woman offered a man a sprig of basil, and if he took it from her hand, he would be faithful to her.

     12. Lavender


Lavender is found to be an aphrodisiac to many men. Wear it as perfume, buy sachets to put under your pillows or burn some lavender incense in your home.

Go ahead and give these flowers a chance at giving your love life a boost. At the very least, they’ll spruce up your home and help put you in a positive mindset each day.

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