Dear Tamar,

I found a girl on JDate who is perfect for me and I was so excited to come across her profile! But she hasn’t replied to my email yet and it’s been almost a week. I can see that she read it and I allowed myself one peek at her profile (I don’t want her to think I’m stalking her), and I can see that she has logged in since reading it. So how long do I wait before sending another email, or giving up? I can take rejection; it’s fine – I’m just super intrigued by her!



Dear Email-in-Waiting,

Here’s my take – you have nothing to lose. Write her again and ask her out point blank. Find an awesome concert coming up in the next few weeks for a band you’d both enjoy. Or perhaps a sequel to a movie she references in her JDate profile. You could make reservations at the most sought-after restaurant that serves her favorite food (again, look to her JDate profile). Then, once you settle on one of these ideas, write her again and ask her out. Be more aggressive and go for it! If she still does not respond, you have your answer.

In the future, make sure you’re making a good impression with the first email to someone you’re interested in. This is no time for template emails where you just fill in the blanks. Instead, take time to craft an email that demonstrates your personality while also expressing a genuine interest in the person you’re contacting. The email should have an interesting subject line followed by a brief yet intriguing message.

Sending out that initial email takes some courage. But if you take the time to do it right, you can increase the chances of getting that much-anticipated response from an intriguing match you found online.

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