As New Year’s Eve approaches, you may find yourself wondering whether you should approach your latest prospect about spending the evening together ringing in 2016. You’ve been two or three dates, but NYE brings with it a lot of added pressure to a very new relationship. So should you make plans?

Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve, and yes, that means there may be added pressure to kiss as the clock strikes midnight. But there are several ways to make it fun without piling on the expectations. Here are a few ideas for how to approach making a New Year’s Eve date:

  • Hang with your friends: Give your buddies a heads up that this is a new dating prospect, which lets them know that inquiring about relationship status isn’t kosher. Plus, your friends can step in to help if things get a little awkward.
  • Hang with your date’s friends: Meeting total strangers can actually be a great way to ease the pressures of a NYE date. A date’s friends can be a great insight into what he or she is really like. If things don’t go well, you can easily leave without bailing on anyone.
  • Make it a casual date: Pricey tickets to black-tie events are a no-no if you’re worried about NYE pressure. Instead, make it a hassle-free dinner-and-a-movie date. If you two are hitting it off, head to a local bar to grab a drink for the countdown toast.

As far as first dates, New Year’s Eve probably isn’t the best time for an initial meetup no matter how strong the match seems so far. It’s a bit like a first date on Valentine’s Day – almost never a good idea. Wait a few days and then meet for a first date in 2016.

Check out Tamar’s New Year’s resolutions for being single for more ideas to get your dating life off to a great start in 2016!

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