Have you ever found yourself complaining about online dating and the dating scene? Frustrated that you’re not attracting the right matches? Feeling like it just might not happen for you? Are you signed up for every dating website out there and asking all your friends to match you up?

Unfortunately, simply showing up isn’t enough in today’s dating scene. If you don’t have the right attitude you can actually repel true love. Why? It’s all about energy. And you can’t fake it.

For successful online dating, you need to build the right foundation. Otherwise, you’ll just wind up spinning your wheels without ever getting the positive results you want.

Imagine for a moment the type of person who attracts true lifetime love – their beshert. What are they like? What is their attitude like? If you guessed open, warm and trusting of themselves, exuding self-love and authentic confidence, you’d be right! Another quality they have is they believe in finding true love and they have the attitude with a plan to make it happen.

Without the right attitude and readiness, we actually attract the wrong people. We attract people who reflect our fears and limitations instead of our possibilities and potential for greatness. To attract new love in your life, make sure you’re following these three rules:

1. Have A Positive Attitude.
Many singles approach dating with a negative mindset that doesn’t foster success. They view online dating with skepticism and superficiality that can actually repel potential matches. Some fall back on arguments that hold little truth, telling themselves: “There’s no one worth dating where I live,” “All of the good ones are taken,” and “Who would want me?”

The right attitude for finding true love is that of authentic positivity – truly believing that it’s possible, regardless of your past, where you live or who you think is out there, to find your perfect one. To tap into that mindset, have faith in your journey. It is a choice. Go against conventional wisdom and embrace the idea that believing is seeing, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself on a better track more likely to breed success.

2. Be At Peace With Your Past.
Some people start dating when they have dealt with or processed their past. They’re upset about a previous relationship or complicated circumstances, wondering what they did wrong or how it could have gone differently. If you’re still thinking about an ex that didn’t work out, it takes up the mental space you need to find your one. To succeed in your dating life, your mind must be clear to find and identify your true love.

A healthy attitude to take toward past relationships is to believe that if it had been meant to be, it would still be something today. We live, love and learn. Find it in yourself to let it go and move on.

3. Have A Plan And Be Prepared.
It’s unthinkable that someone would drive a car without having had lessons, to practice law without a license or to build a house without a plan. The same is true with dating. Many approach dating with a wishing-and-hoping attitude but don’t put their best foot forward attitude-wise. They don’t really like dating and they don’t have a plan, so their dating is sporadic and they find themselves not making it a priority.

If you want to find true love, then you must give it priority and make it actionable. We all only have less than 24 hours in a day to work on things that matter to us. If you want to find love, make a plan and be proactive. Add dating activities to your calendar and follow through. We can’t get back time in life, and you deserve to share as much time as possible with your perfect match.

Dating can sometimes be like Lucy and Ethel from “I Love Lucy,” trying to wrap chocolates on the conveyer belt that was moving too quickly! They tried all kinds of things to make it work, but without a plan, it got out of control before they knew it. It’s funny on TV, but not when you’re dating. Sometimes, it makes sense to slow down to make progress, and the same is true for dating. Doing more isn’t the answer, but dating smart is.

So take some time to reset your mindset and make a plan. Following these tips could be a total game-changer in your online dating success.

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