I’ve been very upfront with my hatred for all-things-texting at the beginning of prospective relationships. However, I’m fully aware that it is rampant in the dating world, and therefore you need to be educated about the ins and outs of texting while dating. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start turbo-texting your new crush!

1. The Over-Texter’s Dilemma
Over-texting is like over-sharing. It takes away some of the mystery that makes new relationships so fun and exciting. So don’t text too much or you may find that there’s nothing left to say to each other in person.

2. Getting Ghosted
If you were texting fast and furious for the first few weeks and then suddenly the responses are fewer and farther apart, then there’s a high probability the person you’re dating is not into you anymore. Keep more contact on the phone and face-to-face so you’re more likely to get a straight answer.

3. The Cold Shoulder
If a date checks their phone repeatedly on a date, that’s a surefire sign the date is not going well. If you are into someone, make it clear you’re enjoying the date and that you’re interested in them by keeping your phone out of sight.

4. Suspicious Minds
If your date is suddenly hiding their screen when they are texting in front of you, then you have every right to be suspicious and turned off. On the flip side, if a date is going to answer texts in your presence and they share it with you, then that’s pretty cool. Avoid phone overuse to keep your date from getting suspicious.

5. Mixed Messages
Too many budding relationships are cut short by misunderstood text messages. Sometimes autocorrect is to blame, while in other cases it’s a matter of punctuation. (Why does a period make a text seem angry?) Until you really know each other well, there’s a good chance your date could take one of your texts the wrong way.

We’ve all been there before, but reviewing the rules before you start talking with a new match will help yo avoid these texting troubles in the future. What other texting tips have you learned while dating?

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