You may be asking yourself, like I did when I got this assignment, “What the heck is Electronic Greetings Day?” Well, it’s a special day celebrated on November 29th to recall the effort it used to take to send a thoughtful greeting (i.e. snail mail complete with a handwritten letter on paper stuffed into an envelope, addressed, stamped and sent through the good ol’ postal service) and thus to appreciate how easy it is to send someone a message nowadays.

This November 29th, you can use Electronic Greetings Day as an excuse to let someone know you’re thinking about them. Whether that means sending an eCard to a loved one or typing out a romantic email to someone you care about, this day reminds us to take advantage of the technology at our fingertips in order to stay connected (or maybe spark a new connection).

Wondering what kind of electronic messages you should be sending? Check out this guide to connecting online to get some tips.

If You’re Single & Dating…

When it comes to being single and dating, there are different greetings you can send depending upon what stage you are in. Most likely, you’re using JDate to meet new people, so make sure you take advantage of these features:

  • Flirt: If you’re hoping to feel things out with someone who piqued your interest, send a pre-written flirt on JDate that sounds most like you. It lets the other person know you’re interested without taking too much of a risk.
  • Instant Messenger: If someone you’ve been attracted to is online at the same time as you, send them an IM and begin an online conversation! Pro tip: Don’t spend too long going back and forth; ask for their phone number and continue the convo on the phone, and then quickly make plans to get together and keep the momentum going in person.
  • Message: If you’re really interested in someone on JDate, go ahead and take the plunge! Send that email to a prospect you’ve been eyeing. Introduce yourself briefly, state why you are attracted to them, ask a question or two to start a conversation, then click send! And don’t forget – a copy and paste email is ALWAYS obvious, so take the time to make each message authentic and unique.

If You’re In A New Relationship…

When you’ve first started dating someone, you can get a little more personal. Here’s how:

If You’re In A Serious Relationship…

Those who are in a relationship can turn to electronic greetings to stay connected. Here are a few examples:

  • Text: It’s cute to text little flirtatious messages here and there. It lets your beau know that you’re thinking about them, and it keeps you on their mind. It’s also an easy way to let them know when you’re running late or to thank them for a great night together.
  • Social Media: Posting a photo of you together is sweet, as is tagging them on a meme that reminds you both of an inside joke or sharing a post pertaining to their page. This lets your partner know you are paying attention and appreciate what they bring to your life.

Now that we have the ease and convenience of electronic greetings, it’s important to use them wisely. That means don’t overuse them, spend time to make sure the grammar and spelling is correct, and make sure your tone is easy to translate. Being passive-aggressive or starting drama over technology is a recipe for disaster, so keep it positive.

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