Did you know that someone’s body language can speak volumes? Without even speaking, you can tell a lot about what a person is thinking or feeling at a given moment, whether it’s excitement, nervousness, happiness, fear, etc. Take the following into account the next time you’re having a conversation with that guy or girl in which you might be interested.

1. Biting Nails

This habit indicates nerves or insecurity. Whether this means they are nervous about talking to you or just in general, this can be a telling body language cue. It can show that you might be making them nervous (which can be a good or bad thing).

2. Hand On Cheek

Whether sitting down or standing, if they place their hand on their cheek for more than a second, it might mean they are deeply concentrating on what you’re saying or thinking about how they’re going to respond.

3. Arms Crossed

This can show that the person you’re speaking to might be in disagreement with you or emotionally closed off. It can also be a sense of security for them to have their arms crossed in front of them, “protecting” themselves.

4. Standing Straight with Great Posture

Interpret this as an act of confidence. This doesn’t necessarily mean arrogance – just confidence, which is a great thing. They aren’t afraid, and they are secure with themselves.

5. Looking Down With Neck Lowered

This usually indicates shyness or shame. This form of body language can mean that one is a bit more on the timid side or that they might feel embarrassed about something.

6. Hands On Hips

This can indicate aggression or wanting to show a position of power and confidence. It’s all about context, so pay attention to whether the vibe is negative; if it is, their stance is probably aggressive in nature.

7. Playing With Hair

If you are talking to a female and she is twirling or playing with her hair, this can indicate flirtation.

8. Crinkled Eye Smile

If their smile causes them to have crinkled eyes, that is pure, genuine smiling.

9. Clenched Jaw

A clenched jaw equals stress. Whether it’s about the stress of talking to you or something totally unrelated, something stressful is almost certainly on their mind.

10. Constant Eye Contact

If someone is holding eye contact with you, they are trying to connect with you and are confident about doing so.

11. Open Palms

If their palms are open, they are open to talking to you and feeling receptive about the possibilities between the two of you.

Now, these are just some of the body language cues out there. Of course, there are plenty more. Consider these hidden meanings the next time you’re striking up a conversation with someone, specifically someone in whom you might be interested. It’s also good to think about the body language you’re giving off. As we know, actions speak louder than words, so how you stand and your hand movements can really tell a lot about how you or someone else is feeling in that given moment.

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