First dates are nerve-racking – plain and simple. The anxious butterflies that fill your stomach leading up to said date are inevitable. However, it’s what comes with the territory! Dating is so much fun and stomach flips are all a part of the game.

It’s enough to have to think about getting ready for the big date and what you’re going to wear, but then when you’re on the date, your mind starts to race about how to act, what to do and not do, what topics to avoid, etc. It can be stressful and exhausting but also amazing and so exciting.

With that being said, I’m here to break down the dating don’ts for you today. I’m tackling those ever-so-popular questions when it comes to the first date, and hopefully after reading this, you’ll feel just a little bit more relaxed (and if not, have a glass of wine, as that always does the trick).

And with that, here are your first date no-nos:

  1. Do NOT bring up your ex. I hate to break it to ya, but no guy or girl you’re out with for the first time wants to hear about your past relationships. That is not a first (or second or third) date conversation. You want to keep things light.
  2. Do NOT talk about your possible future together. Yes, you may already be plotting in your head how many kids you want with this person, the house you’ll live in and the white picket fence that’ll surround it, but it’s basically a surefire way to scare this person off and to make sure there isn’t a date #2.
  3. Do NOT tell them you “cyber stalked” them. If you did, in fact, learn about your date’s entire life story via Google and know all of his or her friends’ names via Facebook, do not admit this. Keep it to yourself – seriously.
  4. Do NOT drink too much alcohol. If adult beverages are involved with this date, keep it to a minimum. While a drink or two could help calm your nerves, the last thing you want to do is go overboard with the alcohol and start acting like a fool (which also dashes pretty much any hopes for a follow-up date).
  5. Do NOT be rude to the wait staff. Being rude is never attractive, even on the prettiest of people.
  6. Do NOT go home together on the first date. (Unless, of course, it’s very clear what this situation is going to turn into… which would be some fun between the sheets and nothing more). Leave room for mystery; there’s no need to rush.
  7. Do NOT overthink it!

Overall, first dates are supposed to be fun. This is the most exciting time … the butterfly stage. Keep it easy, breezy, light hearted and, above all, be yourself. Good luck!

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  1. I’m a very dynamic “older woman”. I found it interesting that you said to talk about the passion you have for your career. As a woman whose age appropriate dates are mostly retired this is an immediate turn off for them. I do love my career, my time is my own and I am available to spend a great deal of time with someone I find interesting, including travelling. I’m still very involved in the business world and don’t want to date people slightly older than my kids . I am in a people oriented business and do meet interesting people all the time. They are rarely age appropriate or married. Any suggestions?

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