Is online dating turning more into Twitter than ever before?

These days we can access all of our online dating applications through our mobile devices.   What does this mean?  More and more people are no longer taking the time to sit down and actually write well, thought out emails.  Responses are being sent by women while on the go as if they are Twitter updates or responding to text messages.

With each day that passes, I see more emails coming in that are two sentences or fewer.  Many of them barely acknowledge a lot of the information that was written in the previous response, and are just casual, “Twitter-like” responses.

They still show interest.  They still want to talk.  But the effort is not there and they are coming in more brief than ever.

In the fast paced world we live in, is this the future of the way we communicate.  Simple, shallow, rushed responses.  Are we devolving even more than ever?  Will people eventually no longer sit down and write emails? 

I see this as a strong possibility!

  1. That is an interesting one! I always recommend to clients to mention something about the person’s profile in the e-mail to show it’s not some copy-paste job.

  2. We older single gals are pretty much still into actual live human communication. Call me and my senior guys old fashioned, but I have often gotten through an entire first-date latte without hearing, “hey, just a sec, Hon — gotta take this.” Maturity means not exchanging texts with the second candidate while you’re seated with the first.

  3. nothing is impossible with the use of technology! With the use of internet connection, we can communicate with others all over the world. Nowadays, online dating are popular around the world because you can find your match easily.Online Site is a social networking site same with twitter. Wherein, you can find also your match to one of your friends there. So i think there is a possibility that the online dating site will be like a twitter in the future.

  4. Hi Louisa from South Africa here – i would agree people should take their time to write thoughtful emails when searching online. I think alot of men copy and paste one email to hundreds of profiles.

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