Among Jewish singles, it’s not unusual to hear a few crazy stories about overbearing parents. But if you’re looking for some truly jaw-dropping tales, check out these stories featuring some truly over-involved Jewish moms and dads.

“Looking For A Wife”

Recently, a story was published about a Jewish father, 78-year-old Arthur Brooks, who dropped $900 to take out a full-page ad in a newspaper for his son, 48-year-old Baron Brooks, titled “Looking for a Wife.” Except not only did he not ask his son permission, in fact he didn’t even tell him.

The ad featured Baron’s photo, his description, and a few of the attributes Arthur thinks a woman should have for his son: her age range, her height (Baron is on the shorter side and Arthur decided to be very upfront about it), her political and religious affiliation (conservative and open, respectively), and of course the fact that she had to be willing to move to where Baron lives and owns businesses. Finally, one of the top items was being “ready, willing, and able to have children as soon as possible” and that the woman would “be expected to be a stay-at-home mom.”

Prospective women replied to the ad and Arthur was planning on meeting and interviewing them. Baron, although embarrassed, said he would be willing to meet whomever his father chose. Arthur even offered to foot the bill for airfare and accommodations to fly the woman out to meet him – what a mensch.


Popular Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom gained hundreds of thousands of followers when daughter Kate Siegel began posting screen shots of texts sent from her mom, Kim Friedman. From taunting Kate with the hashtag #noringonyourfingeryoumustnotlinger when commenting on the relationship status with her boyfriend, to creating fake online dating accounts using Kate’s photo and biography, to giving Kate guilt trips about her labor and C-section scar, this Jewish mother knows no boundaries but pushes the limits with only love.

Sometimes, the screenshot shows dozens of missed calls and unread texts from her mom all before noon. Kim also offers to buy Kate Spanx, reminds her to do her Kegel exercises and berates her about producing “grandspawn” before she loses all her eggs. The popular account was even turned into a book titled “Mother, Can You Not?” Anyone with an overbearing Jewish parent needs to get this book ASAP so they can enjoy the non-stop hilarity in this mother-daughter relationship.

The JDate Mom

My own mother also set-up a JDate account when I was in my mid-20s and set out to find men who were, according to her, suitable prospects. One night, she presented me with a list of usernames. I indulged her by sitting next to her at her desk and going over each guy, and one by one, I explained to her why each profile wasn’t a good match. She didn’t know about checking to see when the last time a guy logged on was (more than 60 days usually means he no longer has an active account) and she didn’t know which guys my friends had already dated.

Overall, it was a complete fail, and although it was obnoxious and overbearing of her, it was also very sweet of her to see if she could discover guys that I may have overlooked for whatever reason.

The “crazy” title typically gets attached to Jewish mothers, but as you can see from the stories above, dads are just as guilty! Do you have any stories about the shenanigans your crazy Jewish parents have gotten into?

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