While we love how Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites make it easy to document our lives and stay in touch, there’s a point when sharing turns into over-sharing. Unfortunately, crossing that thin line can have some potentially destructive repercussions, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. That’s why we put together this handy guide for the dos and don’ts for putting your relationship online.

Social Media Dos
In some ways, social media can strengthen your bond as a couple. Here are some positive ways to integrate online updates into your relationship:

  • Make status changes mutual: If you want to make your relationship official online (whether that’s changing your status on Facebook or using the term “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” in posts), do it on a mutual basis. In a new relationship, the decision to go public with all your friends and family is a pretty big deal, so make sure you both agree on when to share it online.
  • Share fun photos of you and your partner: Whether it’s a random selfie at dinner or a few pics from your recent romantic getaway, posting a photo is a great way to share this part of your life with friends and family. It also shows a healthy attitude towards your partner in that you enjoy having fun together and are proud to be together publicly.
  • Take down photos of former flames: You don’t have to delete every photo of you with an ex; however, having entire photo albums dedicated to a romantic getaway with a previous partner is a bit much. Go through some of your past posts to delete or untag yourself, especially in some of the more lovey-dovey pics. You shouldn’t feel like you have to erase your past, but if you’re serious about a new beau, it’s a healthy way to start fresh. (Hint: Save any sentimental photos to your computer – that way you can still hold on to important memories without making it so public.)

Social Media Don’ts
A social media account can be bad news for you and your partner if you aren’t careful. Make sure you don’t succumb to these common online relationship pitfalls:

  • Complaining about your partner online: A spat with your boyfriend or girlfriend has no place on social media. Beware of vague-posting when you’re upset with your partner (i.e. “It really sucks when someone turns their back on you when you need them the most.”). Save your squabbles for private conversations; if you really need to vent, give a close friend a call for moral support.
  • Flooding friends’ feeds with love: Are you madly, deeply in love? Have your found your beshert? That’s wonderful, but the whole world doesn’t need to hear about it, especially not on a daily basis. It’s okay to gush about your partner online every once in a while, but keep it rare – think birthdays and anniversaries (no, your two-week anniversary does not count).
  • Sparking jealousy: Be a conscientious partner by avoiding social media situations that could make your loved one jealous. Whether it’s raving about how sexy your favorite actor is or posting a flirtatious message on an ex’s page, you should know your partner well enough to know if those situations will upset them. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it “doesn’t count.” Don’t be hurtful towards your partner by posting recklessly online.

Sharing your relationship online shouldn’t put your relationship on the line, so to speak. Use these guidelines to help you share in a healthy way that keeps both you and your partner happy.

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