You may spend every New Year’s Eve considering your resolutions for a more prosperous and happier year, but do you ever stop to think about what your Jewish parents are wishing for you? You may not have to wonder because if your parents nag, then you probably already know full well what they want for you. But if you ever wondered in their heart of hearts what they would resolve for you if they could, here goes!

1. That You Would Stop Settling

Your Jewish parents may or may not tell you, but they’re tired of you settling in your relationships. They know that if you’re not simply single by choice or lack of prospects, that you may be meeting dud after dud or simply settling for a “lesser brand” of person.

Your Jewish parents would resolve for you that you would stop settling for someone who you know in your heart isn’t your beshert. Your parents believe you deserve the very best, so if it isn’t someone you can truly have a solid future with, they want you to move on.

2. That You Would Open Your Mind

Sometimes, your Jewish parents sit and shake their heads at the criteria you have for potential partners. They feel that while it’s your life to live, there are some parameters that you have set that are either too lenient or too stringent. More than that, they just want you to listen to them if they think they know the greatest man or woman for you because experience has been a very good teacher for them.

To them, it seems you’re so focused on the trees that you have forgotten to look at the forest. Their resolution for you is to step back and open your eyes to new possibilities.

3. That You Would Settle Down Already

For some of you hesitant Harrys and Hannahs, your parents would truly appreciate it, from the bottom of their hearts, if you would get married already.

Oy, vey!

They want grandkids. Get to work. Stop playing the field. Pick someone, already!

4. That You Would Share More With Them

Those Jewish moms especially would love to hear a little more of the 4-1-1 about your dating life. Yes, they’re nosy people, but they want to feel like you care about them enough to include them in your life.

5. That You Would Have a Little More Chutzpah

Jewish parents want you to be brave (but practical, of course) and make life choices that make you happy – and them proud. They want you to go out on a limb once in a while so that you don’t look back with regret years from now.

6. That You Would Date Someone Jewish

This goes without saying, but of course, while they might have loved the goy you brought home last year, they would be ever so pleased if you brought home a nice Jewish girl or boy. I guess it’s time to sign up for or renew your JDate membership!

7. That You Would Take Their Advice

Your Jewish parents know a little something about life, and they want to share it with you. Listen to what they have to say. Sometimes their love and life advice will blow your friends’ and colleagues’ advice out of the water. Listen to your teachers, student.

8. That You Would Take Better Care of Yourself

Let’s face it. Even if you’re a fitness nut, your Jewish parents probably wish you would eat better, sleep more and see the doctor already! It’s just their way of looking out for you.

I know, it might seem a little lame to go to your overbearing Jewish parents to get ideas for your New Year’s resolutions. But you might be surprised at the wisdom they’re able to share with you. Give Mom and Dad a chance this year and see if they can shake up your love life in a good way!

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