This summer, you should finally give Mom a chance to set you up on a date. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. You’re probably imagining she’ll bring back the worst kinds of people for you to go on a date with, but more than likely, her picks won’t be so bad at all. In fact, she might be right on the mark when it comes to your tastes. Below, you’ll find four reasons to give you even more confidence in Mom’s matchmaking abilities.

1. Who Knows You More Than Your Mom?

The people who love us know us more than we think (or would like to think), but your mom? Well, she knows you more than anyone else – hands down. She’s known you since day one, and therefore may have a great understanding of who would and wouldn’t work for you in a romantic relationship. She knows your good traits and your bad, so her pick for a partner might end up being a nice balance for you!

2. Wisdom Beats Youth

When it comes to relationships, wisdom beats youth. She has more to offer you than your friends do in love and war simply because she’s lived a little! She knows that what you want and what’s good for you may be two separate things entirely. This applies to dating and love, so listen to what she says. Your mom may have had to learn the hard way about love, or perhaps she was very intuitive from the beginning. Giving her a chance to introduce you to someone she may find special shows that you are truly open and ready for love to happen at any time and in any way possible!

3. Each New Person Is A New Experience

There is so much value in meeting new people, even if they don’t end up to be “the one” for you. Each new person or date is an opportunity to teach you what you are looking for (or NOT looking for) in a partner. If love was so easy to find, how special would it be? Each time you get to meet someone for a little bit, it is an experience that shapes you for the person you are best suited to be with. See each date as an experience and let your mom guide the tour a bit!

4. Summer Should Be Carefree

This summer, you’ll be online and on apps looking for love, but that goes without saying. It’s the way things work today! But summer is supposed to be carefree and fun, so why not try something new? Being open to Mom’s dating suggestions might be unchartered territory, but if you just go with the flow, it can make for a more exciting summer. How is one hour of your life at coffee or the bar with someone Mom recommended going to hurt you? Even if it’s awful, it’s still one measly hour in the scheme of things. Use the summer schedule and weather to take things easy, be open-minded and try something new!

Will you let your Jewish mom set you up this summer? Be sure to report back with your results from this dating experiment!

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