I’m going to preface this post with saying that I know not all Jewish men are bad at handy work around the house. For one, my 100% Jewish husband is superb at handy work – lucky me, I know! However, many others (my brother included) aren’t particularly skilled in this area. So, why is it that Jewish men just aren’t that suave when it comes to fixing toilets, changing light bulbs and things of that nature?

I don’t have the exact answer on that, but I do have some theories.

1. Hiring Mr. Fix It

Growing up, they were in a household that hired Mr. Fix It whenever there was any sort of house related problem. In turn, they got used to not needing to know how to do such tasks.

2. Not Down To Get Dirty

They don’t like getting their hands dirty. Again, this is only speaking from experience with some of my lovely Jewish boyfriends and family members, but it could be as simple as them not wanting to dirty themselves up. So, instead of going to change the A/C vent, they have someone do it for them.

3. La-Z-Boy

It could also just be the fact that they’re lazy, which I can understand. I’m not saying us women are perfect specimens; I get lazy, too!

4. The Busy Professional

They are too busy with their own work. Jewish men are some hard workers, and that’s certainly a good thing. They might simply be too consumed with their own work that learning how to fix the fridge is just not on the top of their to-do list.

5. Impatience

Maybe they’re impatient? It can take a lot of time to learn how to do some of these tasks and, coming from a slightly impatient person, I get it.

6. Priorities

Spending time with you is more important. What if they want to maximize the time they spend with their significant other, and “wasting time” on handy work is not nearly as enjoyable as being with you?

7. In Need Of Encouragement

Maybe they just don’t think they’re capable of fixing the shower rod. Give them the encouragement they need. Hey, you could even pour some wine, put on some good tunes and help him with the caulking of the shower. (Note: I don’t even totally know what caulking means; I just know it’s a “handy work” task.)

Like I said, this does NOT pertain to all Jewish men out there. I just happen to know a decent amount that are not into the whole handyman situation, and they will be the first to admit it. But hey, guess what? That’s totally fine! To each his own. For instance, my brother in Maryland tends to call my husband in Texas quite often on how to do x, y and z around his house, and then proceeds to wait until my husband is up in Maryland to help him. It doesn’t mean I don’t think my brother is wonderful; it’s just a fact that handy work is not his forte, which is a-okay. And don’t forget – there’s no reason us ladies can’t tackle some of these handy tasks if the mood strikes!

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