No matter your ethnicity or religion, there are certain basics every human wants in another partner: mutual attraction, love, kindness and general compatibility. Most people aren’t dying to go out with someone who treats them terribly and offends their physical sensibilities, unless of course the person is a masochist. In any case, if you’re a single Jewish man or woman ready to mingle and meet your bashert, you might have some particular criteria for a potential mate. I believe we can all agree that just about every Jewish person wants these five things in his or her partner:

1. Education
It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer or an artist (truly, although your Jewish dad may think otherwise); either way, Jews want a partner with an education of some extent. It’s important that you and your partner both value the learning process and furthering your education in a particular topic.

2. Family
Being connected to family matters to a potential partner. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a tight-knit family in which everyone gets along. But if you make an effort to have a relationship with them and value them, your potential new mate will be very pleased!

3. Humor
From Albert Brooks to Sarah Silverman, Jewish people have infiltrated the comedy world for ages. Having a sense of humor is critical when searching for a Jewish partner. Even if you can’t be bothered to tell a joke, it’s important that you at least appreciate the gift of sarcasm, wit and the sillies in order to win over your single Jewish love interest.

4. Religious Compatibility
Whether you’re observing the Sabbath or quietly eating a Cadbury Egg come Passover time, it’s important to a single Jewish man or woman that your religious practices line up. So if you’re conservative and he’s orthodox, there can be great trouble. People can be flexible, but finding someone who practices or doesn’t practice like you do is a huge factor. Moreover, enjoying, accepting and cherishing your Jewish identity – whether it’s from birth, conversion or from two parents or one – is important to your single prospects!

5. Stability & Ambition
I don’t care if you’re a professional sword swallower or an accountant. Whatever the case may be, please have stability. Not simply mental stability, but a secure, stable life with the ambition and chutzpah to move your life continuously forward. Some people view this in a financial sense while others view it in a myriad of ways. To me, it’s not the specific income he’s pocketing – although being financially stable is a must – it’s his drive to succeed in whatever he loves and ability to show that he can make a life for himself that matters to me.

Dating is tricky and love is even more complicated, so when you’re out there in the real world looking for your partner in crime, keep these five must-haves in mind before deciding to dedicate yourself to anyone!

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  1. Sounds all cute and friendly but it sounds like Laura wants a man with money, who likes his family, has money, and might be an artist or a stockbroker but has money, Bottom line: have a good job so you can spend some money on me.

    “To me, it’s not the specific income he’s pocketing – although being financially stable is a must – it’s his drive to succeed in whatever he loves and ability to show that he can make a life for himself that matters to me”.

    Complete horse-manure. This just means that whatever your life or problems as a man they can be addressed by me, your wife, if you have the money.


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