He’s fabulous, smart, dependable, sweet and, gosh darn it, you just love the guy so much! But the fact is that you’re ready to be more than the girlfriend. You’re ready to be the (gulp) Mrs. So what’s a woman to do as she waits for her Jewish man to pop the big question?

First and foremost, see if your favorite Jewish man is displaying any of the following signs. If he is, he just might be ready to pop the question! Don’t forget to invite me to the wedding if he asks … and invite some cute single guys while you’re at it. Thanks!

1. He’s Introduced You To His Mom

You’ve met his mom and after the initial, “Ov vey, you’re taking my best son away,” she decided to warm up to you. She might even actually like you! If your guy has introduced you to his Jewish mother, chances are he’s considering making you his wife. If he would risk the stress and strain of introducing you to the original woman in his life, it’s a positive sign that the two of you are going places. Unless of course, he lives with his mom …

2. He’s Living With You

A lot of people cohabitate in today’s day and age and never get married, but if the two of you are living together or looking for a permanent dwelling, especially a house, you’re off to a serious start. If he’s dreading the idea of the two of you sharing a bed every night, well then sister, you may be waiting an awful long time for a sparkly rock.

3. His Idea Of Fun Starts With You

Yes, he has his friends and he loves his guy time. But when he wants to plan something or enjoy something he finds fun and carefree, you’re the first person he wants to share it with. He loves spending time with you and he makes that clear.

4. He’s Working Extra Hard To Buy The Ring Of Your Dreams

Is your best Jewish guy suddenly working a lot or telling you he’s saving for something special? Sure, he could be looking for a promotion or perhaps saving for a special vacation, but if he’s investing time in his career for monetary efforts, it’s a nice sign he’s looking to be stable and provide for himself … and perhaps you, too.

5. Anyone Who Is In His Life Knows You

Pretty much everyone in his life refers to you by first name and assumes you will be with him at major events. Oh, and they like you, too! You’re not a question mark in his life anymore. You are a period.

6. He Talks About Marriage Or Future Plans

If he’s talking about marriage directly or simply discussing future long-term plans like buying property, planning a vacation or raising a family, this is a man who sees you as a potentially permanent part of his life.

Is your relationship ready for forever? Look for these signs to see if a ring may be on its way.

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