Welcome back the attraction building portion of this blog. 

For those of you who are not familiar with my attraction building blogs, I have previously discussed in great detail that there are 10 different ways that all of us could attract women no matter what we look like.

Why?  To put it simply, the female mind is evolutionarily wired in a completely different way than the male mind and females respond to completely different things than we do.

Today I will be discussing one of the best ways to build attraction, and possibly one of the most important:  Showing high value.

Showing high value simply means having  the ability to appear as if you are someone that society holds in high regard. 

Not only do women respond to men who appear to be in high value, but you are simeltanously showing a number of things about yourself:

  • Other people want and enjoy being around you.
  • Society has a high respect for you so there must be something special about you.
  • And simply, you are a valuable person.

All women want to be with someone that others will be impressed with, that they can show off, and that they can stand tall with, proud to call their significant other.

If you are someone that is of high value to society then you fit into these desires and consequently become a man worth chasing.

So how do we do we show this through online dating?  In the next blog I will teach you a trick or two on how to establish this value.

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