Dear Tamar,

I have been on JDate going on about three years now and in that time I have gone on one date. My profession in the entertainment industry is not conducive to dating. I just got out of a seven month relationship with a shiksa which only made me realize how much more I want to be with a Jewish woman. I am confident, good looking and funny, plus I love to dance and cook but I’m also a bit of a tough guy as well. JDate hasn’t come through for me but I want a nice, beautiful, Jewish woman in my life.

Dear Dating in the Entertainment Industry,

It is difficult to date when you’re in the industry, I totally get that. You really have to change your mindset when you leave the office and go online because JDate is not an audition for looks only (or acting ability). You probably see beautiful women all day long and those women are for the most part not a realistic sampling of the real world. So make sure your expectations are realistic. Once you get your mindset in the right place, alter your preferences to reflect that. I’m not saying you’re the problem, but I have a feeling the line between work and play is a blur for you. You definitely seem to have the right character and personality traits, but you need to prove you have them not just say you have them, so make sure your About Me paragraph captures all that you say you are. And when you write a woman an email, IM her and go on a date with her, don’t name drop or talk the industry talk. Just be you.