If you’ve been trying to get over someone and looking to meet your next real love, there are certain things you just shouldn’t do! Certain behaviors will only exacerbate the pain of your breakup and lead you further away from love.

Here are six things NOT to do when you’re getting over someone because it will only impede you from finding the love you really want!

1. Compare Dates To Him/Her

Don’t compare your dates to your former love. If this person broke your heart, do you really need a carbon copy of that person?

Yes, your former love will have traits your dates don’t, and vice versa. Perhaps this new person will be even better than that fool who left you! Don’t compare! Give each person a fair chance.

2. Not Even Once

Don’t go back to your heartbreaker for sex, causal flings or the occasional hang out. No, no, and no!

If this person loves you so much, he or she can offer you the full package. Don’t “settle” for being this person’s backup option.

If he or she is breaking your heart and not loving you how you want to be loved, close the door and don’t let this person back in unless he or she is coming to the door with a real offer of love. If you remain this person’s drunk text or second-string choice, you’ll never move on.

3. Review Old Texts And Emails

Don’t go there. Don’t obsess over his or her texts, emails or social media posts. Let it go. If this person really loves you, he or she will step to the plate. Otherwise, you’re better off. Sure, you may have made many mistakes with this person, but what good does it do to obsess?

Mr. or Ms. Heartbreaker isn’t being good to you, so let it go. Stop reading that stuff. You’ll only get more upset.

4. Retreat To Bad Exes

In an attempt to get over someone who broke your heart, do not go back to bad exes or loser dates from the past. This is only going to add salt to your wound. Why do that?

5. Stalk On Social Media

What do your ex’s social media posts mean? Who knows, and who cares!

Let the heartbreaker go. Social media is an impulsive and mindless retreat for many of us. It’s also is a place to put on a good face. Your heartbreaker could be posting how life is dandy since you’ve been gone but perhaps, it’s really not. Remember, it’s Facebook. It’s not reality.

6. Dwell On The Negative

Don’t sit there and tell yourself you are worthless, bad or never going to love again. Don’t engage in the bad talk that heartbreak often pours onto all distraught lovers.

You don’t need to feel bad about yourself while in recovery from a bad broken heart. Focus on the positive and take care of yourself during this tough time.

The bottom line is if someone is not good to you and you’ve been trying to get over him or her, you must stay vigilant about keeping this person out of your mind. Move on with your life and if this person really loves you and it’s meant to be, he or she will figure it out … hopefully, before it’s too late!

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