When it comes to romantic relationships, most of us focus on the basics. Do you have chemistry with the person? Are you into the same things? Do your lifestyles and values line up? But one thing we often forget to consider is whether the timing is right. When it’s great timing, there’s nothing better. But what do you do if the timing just isn’t right?

Move On

I know it may sound harsh, but the reality is, if the timing just isn’t in your favor, and it’s entirely out of your control, you don’t really have another option. You have to find it in yourself to move on.

Timing is one way to know that it’s just not in the cards right now. You can feel sad about it, but how is that fun for anyone? Better to tell yourself that, while it wasn’t meant to be right now, maybe there’s a chance in the future (just don’t trick yourself into thinking there definitely is!). For now, the only choice is to move on.

Consider It A Breakup

In this situation, I feel it’s best to think of it as a breakup (even if you’re not breaking up for the traditional reasons). Let’s say you two had only gone on a few dates, and you hit it off so well, but then he found out he had to go to Japan for work for a year. Most likely, you don’t know each other well enough to make that situation work. The timing simply is not in your favor, so consider it a break up.

Yes, it might be a tough pill to swallow; but if you think there’s still hope, then it ultimately doesn’t work out, it’s going to be an even tougher pill. Trying to force it when the timing is wrong can backfire in a big way. If you prepare yourself, and know it’s best to not have any expectations, it can only benefit you in the end.

Timing Is Everything

As they say, timing is really everything. It can be the perfect match, but simply awful timing for whatever the reason might be (they are going through a divorce, they have to move for work, you’re ready for marriage but they’re not … and so on and so forth). And while it can be the worst feeling when you have to accept the fact that it’s just not going to work (maybe now, maybe ever), you can look at it for what it was.

Did it help you to get over a breakup? Did it help you to realize what you really need and deserve? Whatever the reason is, try to think on the bright side, and know the right person coinciding with the right timing will happen.

Tick tock tick tock.

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