You’re walking down the street, jamming out to Beyoncé on your headphones, almond milk latte in hand, not a cloud in the sky; your Saturday is getting off to a really great start. Then, as you round the corner, and you spot a guy and girl essentially going at it right there in the street, in broad daylight. You stop in your tracks and want to scream “GET A ROOM,” but you just roll your eyes and attempt to go on with your day. However, that image of this couple “sucking face” is ingrained in your mind, quite possibly forever, damn it.

Do scenes like this get to you, too, or do you think they’re sweet? It’s time to talk PDA.

What is PDA?

As most of us know, PDA (also known as Public Display of Affection) is when you and your partner show your love and lust for each other (i.e. affection) in front of others (i.e. public). It might sound like something silly and no big deal, but from what I’ve observed, the PDA situation can go a bit overboard at times. There’s a line that I think sometimes gets crossed. Know what I mean?

Now, don’t get me wrong – kisses from your man or woman while on the street are great every now and then, and I’m a big fan of holding hands. But while out in public, let’s not make out, slobber all over each other and continue to do things better saved for the privacy of one’s own home.

Not Classy

Look, I get it – you’re in love, you’re happy and that’s great. I’m happy for you, but let’s not show our love TOO much while in front of others. For one, it can make people feel uncomfortable and awkward to be around you. It’s also just not the classiest thing in the world to be playing tonsil hockey with your bae for all the world to see. That line we mentioned above? Let’s stay on the appropriate side of it when out in public.

Like I said, PDA (to a degree) is totally fine. In fact, I think it’s quite necessary! When you’re walking down the street or out at a bar, a few pecks here and there are totally okay! If you want to hold hands or gently touch one another (in appropriate places), that’s perfectly fine! However, sucking face, not coming up for air, groping each other and practically dry humping in the street are definitely NOT okay.

Think Before You Speak Peck

When you’re hanging out with friends or you’re just out in public around strangers, think for a second before you “go at it” with your person. I get that you might be “in the mood” and/or slightly intoxicated, but, again, save it for the bedroom. A kiss, a hand hold or an arm around the shoulder or waist are all fine in my book, but let’s leave the rest for another time.

In conclusion, PDA is fine when it’s done appropriately and in a tasteful way. It’s sweet to show others how much you love your partner! Just try to keep it to a minimum and respect other’s possible feelings on the matter. You can think of it like a movie rating: G, PG and sometimes PG-13 (depending on what you consider PG-13) = good PDA, while R and NC-17 = not good PDA.

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