Many of you may live in the city, like me. You’ve probably had your share of movie and restaurant date nights, theater and museum outings.  Perhaps it’s time to balance headiness with some earthiness in your love life.  Below are 12 easy ways to use flowers and plants to spice things up!

1.  Use Rose Essential Oil to Open Your Heart

Apply a few drops of Rose Essential Oil in a diffuser to make your place smell great or add it to a bath with some rose petals and surround yourself with self-love before a date!  It will make you feel loving and calm. Reportedly Cleopatra scented the sails of her royal boat with rose water in order to seduce Mark Antony as she sailed to meet him

2.  Eat It! 

Order Organic Rose Petal Jam to make cookies for your date.  Here is a recipe! You can also use spices to cook together like nutmeg, ginger and cardamom.  These can be aphrodisiacs and can heat up the passion.  There are many aphrodisiac cookbooks you can get for fun!

3.  Buy Them Flowers

This is common romantic gesture, but it means more if you know your date’s favorite flower and why.  You can also go above and beyond by learning the meanings of all the flowers.

4.  Raise Your Consciousness Before Your Date

Burn some Palo Santo wood to dispel anxiety and to raise your consciousness.  Palo Santo can bring to you things aligned with your soul, and help to remove obstacles, in dating and in life.

5.  Drink Tea Together

Tea is a relaxing, inexpensive ritual, and a great way to share the enjoyment of plants.  There are even aphrodisiac teas.  Here are some resources for tea lovers.

6.  Wear Flower Essence as Perfume

Exotic flowers are very sensuous and attractive.  Scents like vanilla, sandalwood and rose, clary sage, jasmine, neroli, patchouli, vetiver and ylang ylang are associated with sensual pleasure and love.

7.  Make Wishes Together

Light some agarwood incense, which is said to bring blessings and manifest your wishes.  Share your wishes with one another and then pray together.  You can also wear agarwood oil as a scent and anoint each other.  They say that, ‘Couples who pray together, stay together.’  You can find agarwood here.

8.  Spend Time in Nature Together

Being around trees and flowers is relaxing, grounding and makes us feel good.  Take a hike, stroll in the park, go camping or share a picnic.

9.  Exchange Floral Massages

Make your own signature massage oil with essential oils.  You can use some of the love-inducing essential oils I mentioned, like rose or jasmine, and put a few drops into a carrier oil like an ounce of jojoba oil or almond oil.

10.  Sweets for the Sweet

Get your honey some extra special chocolate with plants in it!  We know that chocolate is basically a love drug — including phenylethylamine, theobromine, and tryptophan — all of which impact the pleasure centers of the brain. The addition of Frankinsence can also raise your consciousness.  Try it here for just $10!

11.  Decorate with Flowers

Get out the candles and sprinkle rose petals on the table or on the bed.  In many cultures, a path of rose petals is fit for a queen, so why not treat your partner like royalty?

12.  Get Out the Incense

Incense is relaxing and it can purify any negativity from the environment.  It is a great way to shift the energy.  Sage is burned in many cultures to purify the space. Palo Santo wood does a similar thing, and incense like jasmine, rose or ylang-ylang sets a romantic mood.

Try some of these ideas and see how you feel.  We gain a sense of connection and rootedness from nature through the use of plants and flowers, and this can make the experience of union and courtship even sweeter.  Happy dating!

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