JDate is responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other dating sites combined! But we’ve got more than just statistics to back it up. In our “Success Stories” feature, you’ll meet real couples who found love online.

Teri & David

Teri&David01 (1)How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
I was on JDate before David. When he joined the site, he went on browsing and I kept seeing him looking at my profile and pictures. Not knowing that he was not a paid member, I kept asking him to please post pictures as I loved his bio and what he was about. We are both widows and connected immediately once we were able to chat. Our first chat lasted five hours. I wasn’t sure after all the chatting our first night if it was a complete match as I had some concerns, but always kept David in the back of my mind. I stayed away a few days thinking about him and wondering if I should reach out to him again. I noticed after a few days he had posted more pictures and I was really attracted to him so I reached out to him again and he responded several hours later, very glad to hear from me. That was the moment I knew we would be together as we decided to exchange numbers and we chatted all night long. A couple of days later, we met at a restaurant near my house and had dinner and lots more conversation together. We stayed together throughout the night as neither of us wanted the date to end. David is a kind, caring and truly wonderful person. He respects my wishes and puts me on a pedestal. We complete each other and are very much alike in many ways. Being newly widowed, we are both vulnerable and emotional, but know we both deserve another chance at love. We have been inseparable ever since and are enjoying our precious time together. David is very passionate and romantic and makes me feel so special and loved. He is the “Real Deal.” He brings me roses and little “Love Is” cutouts from the newspaper, and has bought me a Carpenters CD with the song “We’ve Only Just Begun” which is our song when we first met. We are looking toward our future together and know at some point we want to be together forever. We talk about marriage and being Mr. & Mrs. and living happily ever after. I want to sincerely thank the Spark family and JDate for bring me closer to my David than ever. We miss each other when we are apart (which is barely ever) and we get young teenage butterflies just talking to each other and thinking of one another when we are apart as well as together. I am truly a better person for knowing David and we both feel so blessed to have each other in our lives!!

Teri&David02Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
We both knew it was true love when we found ourselves sitting in a booth at a local restaurant next to each other hand and hand and we started kissing. The kisses became more passionate and we were like two teenage kids forming the start to an incredibly beautiful bond together.

What advice would you give other JDaters?
Always keep the faith on this site and never give up. There were times I said to myself that nothing would come of this and I would never meet anybody with the characteristics I was seeking. I am a true “Survivor” and just stuck with it and not long after I joined, I met my perfect match in David.

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