You met her online and you were impressed with her profile instantly. She’s a total babe – a Jewish babe, to be exact – and you were thrilled at the chance of meeting her. The first date was magical, complete with butterfly-fluttering, toe-curling excitement and chemistry that we all wish first dates could be made of. You two moved onto the second and third date with ease, but things aren’t quite the same anymore.

You hate to admit it because you were so certain that this girl could be a real match for you, but your Jewish lady might be blowing you off. Here are five ways to know for sure that your relationship is kaput.

1. She Texts, But Doesn’t Commit

Sure, she texts you enough to make you think she certainly hasn’t forgotten you, but making a plan for the next date is simply not happening. You’ve brought up some fun things you know she would enjoy, but somehow, there’s always something getting in the way of that date – too tired, working, sick, seeing friends, etc. When she finally does make plans, all you can think about is how much work it took to get her to nail down a date. The first few dates weren’t like this at all.

2. Last-Minute Man

If you are really lucky, she will spring up and ask to see you at the last minute on a Friday night. You get the feeling that either someone else canceled, or she simply remembered who you were all of a sudden.

If you aren’t really lucky, you’re a last-minute coffee or drink date on a lame Tuesday or (gasp) Monday.

3. No Commitment

Maybe the two of you are still hanging out regularly, and your desire to commit is growing day by day. What about her? Well, this Jewish babe doesn’t seem eager to set down roots or claim to be involved with just you. You’re not really sure whether she’s into only you or if she’s still weighing her prospects with other guys. You spend a lot of time wondering where you truly stand with this woman.

4. Affection Starts To Die

The two of you were hot and heavy, almost like you were teenagers again. It seemed like the chemistry was off the charts and this girl couldn’t keep her hands off you. Now, you feel as if you might have to pay her to hold your hand or that you’re bothering her by touching her.

5. More Of A Mystery

When you go on a first date with someone, the person is usually still a mystery, but after some time, you get to know them better. You thought you had your finger on the pulse of this hot Jewish woman, but now she seems a bit more distant. When she talks about plans, people or anything, really, you sort of feel like you’re not getting the whole story. She seems like she is pulling away little by little – AKA doing the “slow fade” rather than just breaking it off with you cleanly and clearly.

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to accept that you and your Jewish babe aren’t a perfect match after all. The good news is that it allows you to move on and find the woman who really is the one.

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  1. What is your number so I can call and join at the new rates

  2. You know what though….if my little Jewish babe ends up leaving me like that, I’d remember her forever as proof that a Skinhead dude could love too. I think that this time though she’s gonna be all mine. 🙂

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