There is a perception about how great Jewish guys are as husbands. In particular, the stereotype is that they are great providers who are good to their wives. Well, what about Jewish women? Did you know that the stereotype of Jewish women is that they are loud-mouthed, tough broads who control their husbands? It is time to unload this image and celebrate Jewish women for all their fabulous qualities.

1. Jewish Women Are Strong Partners

Hello, Sheryl Sandberg? Judaism has a history of strong women, and its culture and religious practices support the development of the self-possessed woman. Jewish women speak their minds, don’t hold back and are prepared to walk arm in arm through joy and adversity with their partner. This strength is really attractive to men who desire to have partners that are interested in 50-50 partnerships. So men, “Lean In!”

2. Jewish Women Value Tradition And Family

Jewish holidays and Friday night Shabbat dinners encourage large, family-oriented celebrations where lots of food is served, traditions are passed down, music is shared, discussions are debated and guests are made to feel part of the family. This cultural value is seen as a big plus to prospective baes who desire to become a part of a large (sometimes great, sometimes dysfunctional) extended family where respect for tradition is a priority.

3. Jewish Women Are Fiercely Loyal To Their Family And Friends

Like a lioness protecting her cubs, Jewish women will go the extra mile to support and defend their loved ones. They are not afraid to be pushy or aggressive, and they won’t hesitate to turn on you if you don’t do right by their kin.

4. Jewish Women Are Highly Competent And Value Education And Hard Work

Most Jewish women grow up in homes where education is emphasized, becoming a professional is the goal and having a successful career is highly valued. After all, this is the mother’s bragging rights at the Mahjong table. Despite the fact that they might be a little lovingly neurotic as a result of being held to such high expectations, Jewish women grow up in homes that are highly supportive of their educational pursuits and they, too, hold these values for their children.

5. Jewish Women Have A Good Sense Of Humor

With a tradition of Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, Roseanne Barr and Sarah Silverman, it is no wonder that Jewish women can appreciate a good joke and laugh at themselves. Humor is an important element to get through a difficult patch in any relationship, and Jewish women are exposed to it in spades.

6. Jewish Women Are Skilled Cooks

Jewish women know that the way to a man’s heart is a good brisket. There is something comforting and grounding to a Jewish man about being with a partner who can make all the traditional foods that he experienced growing up – matzah ball soup, noodle kugel, crispy latkes, etc. Could you imagine having Thanksgiving and not being with a partner who could make a stuffed turkey and the trimmings? The holiday would be empty!

And if this wasn’t enough, dating a Jewish woman also means that you are going to have a partner with a compatible idea of what constitutes a schmear. You won’t have to spend hours explaining why the fluffy bagel from the grocery store isn’t a real bagel. Such is the benefit of dating within the Tribe.

Are you man enough to marry a Jewish woman? It takes a strong man to be with a strong woman like this, but the benefits you’ll experience over your lifetime are incredible.

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